We Care: Knight of Diamonds

Posted in Community Involvement on June 30, 2010

Sarah Nurse, Andrew Slawter, and Mark Antoniewicz at the inaugural Knight of Diamonds galaOn April 10, M Powered Strategies team members Sarah Nurse, Andrew Slawter, and Mark Antoniewicz attended the inaugural Knight of Diamonds gala and silent auction at the National Press Club in downtown Washington D.C. The event was a benefit for the Four Diamonds Fund, an organization that assists children diagnosed with cancer and their families through superior care, comprehensive support, and innovative research at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Gala attendees enjoyed first-class dining, drinks, entertainment, and a keynote speech by a local pediatric oncologist and researcher, as well as stories from those who have been touched by pediatric cancer.

Sarah, Andrew, and Mark were all moved by the personal stories shared by the families of the children who were aided by the work of the Knight of Diamonds. The M Powered Strategies members participated in the silent auction, taking home a number of items including two beautiful framed photos that are now hanging at headquarters.

Team Update: DOE OCIO Team Exciting as Always

Posted in Department of Energy / Team Updates on June 30, 2010

Department of Energy sealAs the team continues to deliver exceptional service and solutions to our clients, we move within one quarter from the conclusion of the current DOE OCIO contract. Although we have no concrete indication of the client’s intent from a continuity perspective, the team and corporate leadership continue to explore available options and create possible alternatives for the current arrangement. The only thing certain is that there will be more to report in the next newsletter!

Just in case the current transition was not enough for us all, each of the team members is keeping things interesting with lifestyle adjustments of their own. First, congratulations to Evan on the birth of his second child, Benjamin David Olson! Second, Whitney has taken on the corporate marketing responsibilities in the only way she knows how… with immediate impact. She is churning impressive output while maintaining her full-time efforts at DOE.

And finally, a farewell to Jessica who has accepted a position elsewhere. Jess leaves the company having successfully supported various clients at DOE while being instrumental in supporting the development of the AMP Program. We all wish Jess the best of luck with this new chapter in her career.

Team Update: VA Team Continues to Grow

Posted in Department of Veterans Affairs / Team Updates on June 30, 2010

Department of Veterans Affairs sealWe’re growing! There are now four independent M Powered Strategies teams supporting Veteran Affairs in the following areas: 1) Veteran Relationship Management, 2) Information Sharing Initiative, 3) Information Technology Resource Management, and 4) Architecture, Strategy, and Design. There have been some leadership changes and transition within the Agency and continued opportunities for M Powered Strategies to lend its support.

It’s been a very busy quarter full of planning, meetings, and facilitations. This is ITRMs busiest time of the year, beginning with the Mid-Year Review which leads into the FY 2011 Budget Build, and subsequently the Congressional Budget Justification. Meetings, meetings and more meetings! Our most recent efforts included indirect support for the CIO on the Enterprise-Wide Cost Accounting Initiative.

The ESPPP team has passed the baton to ITRM with their formulation of the Budget. The Lockdown in August will bring executives closer to finalizing plan for budget execution.

M Powered Strategies Celebrates

Posted in Corporate Events on June 30, 2010

On March 30, the company celebrated the Third Annual Re-Founder’s Day to mark the acquisition and re-founding of M Powered Strategies in 2008. The corporate-sponsored party marked the beginning of our third year of a new direction and renewed dedication to public service. The company’s success and the individual performances that made that success possible were recognized. The event was held at the exquisite Darlington House, which has been nominated as a potential venue for this year’s Holiday Party in December.

Holiday Party planning is in its beginning stages. The committee is in charge of choosing the venue, selecting the menu/drinks, selecting the band/DJ, and generally ensuring the party is a smashing success. If you are a DJ, play in a band, love ice sculptures, or you love parties please contact Jen Mroczek to participate in the planning committee.

Starring Takes On Corporate Marketing

Posted in Corporate Updates / Human Resources / Marketing on June 30, 2010

“I am excited about the opportunity to assist in building the marketing program for M Powered Strategies. With such a supportive staff and a solid platform to build upon, I am confident that we will attain our marketing goals.”

Whitney Starring

Whitney Starring

Whitney Starring, who has been with M Powered Strategies for nearly two years, has decided to share her marketing expertise with the company as Director of Corporate Marketing. With almost eight years of marketing experience in both the private and public sectors, Whitney is currently marketing for our clients at the Department of Energy as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs. In her new role, Whitney picks up the marketing trail that Brenda Maynor pioneered in 2009-2010, and is charged with developing and implementing an integrated marketing plan to include M Powered Strategies branding, complimentary collateral, and a new and improved website. She will also develop company-wide marketing and branding standards and maintain a SharePoint page to assist with creating a professional identity and consistent message for the company. Please join us in congratulating Whitney on her new role and be supportive of the overall marketing efforts that M Powered Strategies is embarking on. Whitney is sure to be a valuable asset to the corporate structure and a leader in getting our message of service to the market.

Mobis Awarded Five More Years

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates on June 30, 2010

GSA logoOur Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) schedule was recently awarded the next five-year option period; it now runs through June 30, 2015. This is important because, as a MOBIS schedule holder, it allows M Powered Strategies to continue to compete for opportunities specifically utilizing the MOBIS schedule. In addition to our subcontracting efforts, the number of MOBIS opportunities will continue to be significant.

If given the opportunity, inform your client(s) that M Powered Strategies offers competitive labor categories on three SINs (special item numbers); 874-1 Consulting, 874-2 Facilitation, and 874-7 Program and Project Management.

Marketing Services Continue to Grow

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates / Marketing on June 30, 2010

After an insightful phone conversation with GSA, Brenda Maynor, Ed Adelman, and Whitney Starring are pleased to announce that marketing work can be performed under our current GSA contract vehicle, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). This is a huge asset to the company, as it was previously believed that marketing services could only be delivered under the GSA contract vehicle, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS), which is being pursued for future engagements. The MOBIS discovery will enable M Powered Strategies to deliver comprehensive marketing and strategic communications programs that are integrated with all facets of the organizations where work is being performed.

Whitney Starring is diligently leading the AIMS (Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions) solicitation effort. This is a multi-step process that includes SIN (special item number) selection, past performance documentation, and the development of labor categories. The intent is to have this wrapped up by the end of summer. Keep up the great work!

In addition to this exciting news, M Powered Strategies is now delivering marketing services to multiple agencies including continued efforts at Department of Energy, branding work at Veterans Affairs, and awareness campaigns at Department of Transportation.

Lott represents WAFUNIF at the UN General Assembly

Posted in Community Involvement / Pro Bono Program on June 30, 2010

Kendall Lott at the UNOn June 14 and 15, Kendall Lott served on the floor of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly (GA) as a representative of the World Association of Former UN Interns and Fellows (WAFUNIF) at the Informal Interactive Hearings with non-governmental, civil society, and private sector organizations. WAFUNIF is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council. The purpose of Lott’s participation was two-fold:

  • To represent WAFUNIF as it extends its participation in international activities;
  • To learn how NGOs interact with the UN and with each other in anticipation of using M Powered Strategies delivery methods with commercial entities, NGOs, and non-profit organizations.

The hearings were established by the President of the GA to receive input for the Millennium Development Goals Summit that will take place at the UN in September. The summit will check progress on goals that were established in 2000 by the full assembly with an aim for success by 2015. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) focus in eight areas: Poverty Reduction, Universal Education, Gender Equality, Child Health, Maternal Health, Combat HIV/AIDS, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Partnership (Economic Equity).

United Nations sealThe 52 speakers and respondents (out of 760 applicants) addressed the progress of MDGs around four themes:

  • Building a Better Tomorrow: Local Actions, National Strategies, and Global Structures
  • Equal and Inclusive Partnerships: Accountability in the Fight Against Poverty
  • Sustaining Development and Withstanding Crises
  • From Voice to Policy

Lott notes that he intends to, “continue to participate in these and other international and NGO events as part of our service and advocacy approach in helping organizations and their executives achieve success.”

Sub-Contract Awarded to Support Veteran Relationship Management Initiative at VA

Posted in Contracting / Department of Veterans Affairs on June 30, 2010

“This is a great opportunity for us to support new functional areas within VA and is a vital program in support of Service Members and Veterans.” –Kendall Lott

Department of Veterans Affairs sealM Powered Strategies will help conduct portfolio monitoring and coordination of the Veteran Relationship Management (VRM) information technology initiative under a five-year contract valued at up to $115 million. The prime on the award is our valued partner HPTi, and additional team members include ICF International, Whitney, Bradley & Brown, and the RayGroup.

Carl Crampton has been named Engagement Manager for this work, as well as lead for one of the four tasks on this contract. Carl will provide program management and governance support that includes Preventive Maintenance and Accreditation Services (PMAS) compliance. The engagement will involve remediating missing or incomplete project and program documentation, developing draft PMAS documentation, monitoring project and program progress, and tracking requirements. As this is a broad-based initiative, members of the team will interact with all the VA administrations and many of the staff offices in performance of their work.

Additionally, the VA/DOD Information Sharing Initiative (ISI) will be funded through this contract vehicle. Sarah Nurse and Kim Aslen, as well as members of the Facilitation Service Line, will be on this contract to support the ISI program and Dr. Karen Guice.

Interim All Hands Meeting set for July 22

Posted in Corporate Events on June 30, 2010

The Interim All Hands Meeting will take place July 22 in the Grange Conference Room at headquarters. A representative of the Professional Services Council, of which M Powered Strategies is a member, will explore the current and future market for federal services by summarizing important market drivers. Other speakers will address key topics including advocacy as it pertains to our client delivery, exploring our company values, and introducing our new corporate donations program. The meeting will be followed by happy hour.

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