M Powered Strategies Masters the Art of Proposal Writing

Posted in Business Development / Professional Development on January 18, 2012

M Powered Strategies employees at Proposal Writing training sessionWith several new service lines opening up, Proposal Writing has taken on an added urgency at M Powered Strategies. In an effort to include all our employees in the business development process, 2012 kicked off with an intense and inspiring all-hands, all-day session on the art of Proposal Writing.

Led by Neal Levene of Levene Strategies, the training was an excellent demonstration of how to properly plan out and execute a federal government Request for Proposal.   He provided valuable insight into the government review process, which is key to putting together a successful proposal.

As part of an ongoing commitment to the professional growth of our employees, all staff members are encouraged to explore areas of personal interest. Whenever possible, M Powered Strategies will provide training to acquire the knowledge and the skills needed to pursue these interests.  Several more training and certification courses have already been scheduled for 2012. Looking forward, M Powered Strategies is well positioned and stronger than ever in the increasingly competitive environment of government consulting.