Video Production: A New Service Offering from M Powered Strategies

Posted in Video Production on November 19, 2012

Mary FlanneryAfter rolling out our new Video Production service offering last summer, M Powered Strategies is proud to announce the completion of its second video project. The first was for the Office of Regulatory & Management Services at the U.S. Forest Service: the production of two videos for their website. It involved script-writing; two days of shooting with a High Definition video camera and crew; and editing in M Powered Strategies’ Final Cut Pro suite.

In October, Mary Flannery of M Powered Strategies finished editing three videos for the Anacostia Community Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. The videos are featured in the new exhibit, “Reclaiming the Edge: Urban Waterways and Civic Engagement,” which will be open to the public until August, 2013.

Newly Certified Government Meeting Professionals

Posted in Facilitation on November 15, 2012

SGMP logoAfter four days of intense training and examination, five staff members of M Powered Strategies’ Facilitation Service Line are now certified Government Meeting Professionals (CGMP). The training emphasized the importance of understanding Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and presented various methods for running a successful meeting.  The biggest take-away was a profound appreciation of the importance of skilled and effective planning when it comes to government meetings. The certification gives our staff an even greater edge as we continue to be subject matter experts in the government meetings space. Congratulations to Erin Bankey, Selena Hunn, Nic Turrentine, Alessandra Colia and Justin Heineman.

Onward and Upward: Promotions of Note

Posted in Human Resources on November 09, 2012
Selena Hunn and Erin Bankey

Selena Hunn and Erin Bankey

After a mere year and a half at M Powered Strategies, Erin Bankey has been promoted to Associate Consultant. Her hard work and forward-thinking approach have resulted in increased sales, increased client engagement, and more integration within our corporate work. Erin is passionate about her work, which is clear from the impact her efforts have had on the company. She will be returning to support the Department of Health and Human Services as well as continuing work at the Department of Veterans Affairs and M Powered Strategies corporate management.

“No other small business can offer the kind of professional development opportunities M Powered Strategies offers. I have earned three certifications since joining, with another two pending by the end of the calendar year. Plus, the level of client interaction we are afforded here is very fulfilling, and something you probably wouldn’t get at a large business.”

Selena Hunn came to M Powered Strategies soon after passing the Maryland Bar Exam in September of last year. She has been a huge asset to the company, demonstrating a desire and aptitude for working independently while providing leadership and direction to those around her.  As she takes on her promotion to Associate Consultant, she will also be acting as the Engagement Manager for the recent contract win at the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) for the coordination and facilitation of the Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX). Selena is inspired by her colleagues and finds the esprit de corps at M Powered Strategies exhilarating.

“This is a very collaborative environment and everyone is committed to supporting our executive clients in the best possible way. There is a genuine level of commitment and interest in our clients’ organizational success, which in turn makes us successful as consultants.”

Together, Erin and Selena are in charge of the HHS HIX contract, leading a team of 11.

Congratulations to both of you!