Fall 2012 AMPs Celebrate at the
National Press Club

Posted in AMP Program / Corporate Events on December 18, 2012

M Powered Strategies employees at the AMP reception“It feels like the movie Ground Hogs Day,” Alessandra Colia, AMP Program Director, wryly noted in her opening remarks. The first fall group of Applied Management Professionals (AMPs) concluded their session with what has become an M Powered Strategies tradition, a closing reception at the National Press Club. “Tonight marks a momentous shift in our summer program model,” Alessandra continued. “Tonight we celebrate the accomplishments of our first fall class and their work in partnership with ActioNet at the Department of Transportation.”

Fall 2012 AMP Presentation

The AMPs presented their projects, which ranged from Plan Of Action & Milestone process mapping to Team Performance root cause analysis. In attendance were DOT leads, ActioNet staff, former AMPs, various agency executives who had met with the AMPs for Executive Lunches during the course of their session, and of course all the M Powered Strategies staff. Team Lead Nic Turrentine was effusive in his praise of the group. Their success in the workplace, as well as their participation in the training, excursions, and networking opportunities offered by M Powered Strategies made for a truly enriching experience.  Congratulations to Marc-Anthony Isaacs, Kiya Kassa, Maria Mejia, Emily Sherrod and Luke Ventura.