M Powered Strategies Celebrates the First PACE Graduation with ANSI Certificates

Posted in PACE Program / PREP / Professional Development on January 22, 2014
PACE graduates (from left) Kristen Rice-Jones, Hannah Hammer, and John Bova

PACE graduates (from left) Kristen Rice-Jones, Hannah Hammer, and John Bova

On Thursday, January 9, 2014, Erin Bankey, Director of Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Programs (PREP) at M Powered Strategies, presented the first ANSI-accredited certificates to the graduates of MPS’ Professional Apprenticeship for Consulting Excellence (PACE) Program. On hand were government executives, primary stakeholders in the PREP program (executives and experts in government, consulting management, business development, and education), as well as M Powered Strategies staff, and four cohorts of PACE apprentices, past and present.

PACE, one of a suite of professional development programs offered in PREP, is a six-month apprenticeship aimed at developing well-rounded and knowledgeable consulting professionals through comprehensive training, one-on-one mentoring and coaching, and hands-on work experience, culminating in a white paper business case presentation.  The highest score for their white paper presentation was awarded to John Bova, who remarked, “Beyond the rigors of the program, PACE encourages independence and innovation. My fellow apprentices and I were given the opportunity to design and deliver a two-day training on decision making and problem solving strategies to the M Powered Strategies staff. Now, thanks to PACE, I actually have job offers coming my way.”

Congratulations to John Bova, Hannah Hammer, and Kristen Rice-Jones. For more information on M Powered Strategies’ professional development programs, please contact Erin Bankey about PREP and contracting, Christopher Ashcraft about the PACE Program, or Hoor Jangda about recruitment and placement.

The First PACE Class of 2014

Posted in PACE Program / PREP / Professional Development on January 13, 2014

M Powered Strategies (MPS) is happy to welcome two new PACE apprentices: Billy McGlinn and Veronica Wightman. Billy and Veronica will both be supporting the VLER Core contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Billy McGlinn

Billy McGlinn

Billy holds a Master of Science in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Policy from The George Washington University.  Previously he held a finance and policy position in the Planning and Programming office of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. He also worked with the Rhode Island Department of Administration on the development of an electronic storage and classification system for state personnel records. At MPS, Billy will be working in a facilitation role for the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Records (VLER) Core program. He is looking forward to bringing his commitment towards improving government services to the PACE program, as well as exploring the world of Federal Government consulting.

Veronica Wightman

Veronica Wightman

Veronica, a recent graduate of George Mason University, School of Public Policy, comes to M Powered Strategies with a background in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) facilitation and case management.  A “military brat”, Veronica has traveled throughout the US and overseas, spending significant time in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain and Liberia.  Veronica’s experiences abroad paired with her undergraduate studies at James Madison University sparked her interest in conflict resolution.  Prior to joining M Powered Strategies, Veronica worked in the field of ADR, assisting clients to resolve conflicts while maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.  Veronica is trained and certified by the Center for Dispute Settlement and has completed courses in Advanced Mediation Techniques and Mediation for the Professional.  Veronica is excited to start the PACE program and work with her colleagues at M Powered Strategies to provide effective and efficient services to their clients.

MPS Gives Back to the Community

Posted in Community Involvement on January 07, 2014

MPS staff wrapping gifts and writing cardsM Powered Strategies (MPS) celebrated the close of 2013 and kicked off 2014 by giving back to the DC community.  In December, MPS staff, many of whom work on contracts at the Department of Veterans Affairs, spent an evening wrapping gifts and writing cards, which our Community Engagement Manager, Kat McDonald, distributed at the Community Living Center (CLC) of the VA hospital on Christmas morning. “It’s really amazing to see how a simple gift and a few minutes of your time can bring so much joy  to men and women who have served and fought so bravely for our country.”

In January, M Powered Strategies gave almost $2000.00 to DC Central Kitchen. It is a tradition at MPS to a set aside a dollar amount for each attendee of our holiday party to be donated to charity. As a follow-up to our recent turkey drive for the DC Central Kitchen at Thanksgiving, we were happy to extend our engagement with this worthy social enterprise, which strives to reduce hunger through job training and recycled food distribution.