MPS Supports the Professional Development of Volunteer Leaders

Posted in Pro Bono Program / Professional Development on May 16, 2014
PMIWDC chapter governance board during Pro bono training session

PMIWDC chapter governance board during pro bono training session

M Powered Strategies consultants collaborated with the Project Management Institute (PMI) the Washington DC (PMIWDC) chapter governance board for their annual training retreat and delivered a highly interactive and informative pro bono training to board members. As part of this year’s program, leadership from three metro DC chapters combined to develop leadership skills. Managing volunteers is a challenge that these board members have accepted, and as one of the premier professional development organizations in the world, PMI offers this opportunity for its board members who give their free time to serve these chapters’ 12,500 members. M Powered Strategies supports the development of individuals committed to service and community outcomes through its MPS Assists pro bono program.

The four-hour training session on the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) was delivered by Erin Bankey and Andrew MacDonald and focused on using the SDI assessment as a framework to build more effective relationships through self-awareness. The SDI assessment tool is based on Relationship Awareness Theory® and trains participants in the context of personal motivations and conflict patterns through various learning styles to help them fully digest the information and to foster engagement. “Conversation and collaboration with our peers using this as a framework was exceptional,” commented one of the participants. This course is part of MPS’ ANSI accredited Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP), and specifically part of a suite of interpersonal effectiveness courses, highlighting the essential self-awareness and emotional intelligence capacities embedded in leadership.

For more information about training courses and professional development services, contact Erin Bankey. Inquires about pro bono consulting opportunities and MPS Assists can be directed to Kat McDonald.

M Powered Strategies (MPS) Celebrates Graduation of PACE Class of Winter 2014

Posted in PACE Program on May 06, 2014
PACE Graduation Celebration

PACE Graduation Celebration

The McPherson room of the Four Points Sheraton in downtown DC was abuzz last Thursday evening as government executives, representatives from the past two PACE cohorts and MPS staff, along with primary stakeholders in MPS’ professional development programs, gathered to celebrate the third graduating class of Professional Apprenticeship for Consulting Excellence (PACE).

One of a suite of professional development programs offered in our Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP), PACE is a six-month apprenticeship aimed at developing well-rounded and knowledgeable consulting professionals through comprehensive training, one-on-one mentoring and coaching, and hands-on work experience, culminating in a white paper business case presentation.  Taylor Moore, who received the distinction of earning the highest score on his business case and white paper, remarked, “The PACE Program introduced me to a very intelligent, motivated, and supportive community of professionals willing to share the skills and strategies they use to serve clients on a daily basis. The training and on-the-job experience will be incredibly helpful in my next job.”

Congratulations to Taylor Moore, Stephany Perez Cohen, and William Jones on their accomplishment.

For more information on M Powered Strategies’ professional development programs, please contact Erin Bankey about PREP and contracting, and Christopher Ashcraft about the PACE Program and recruitment and placement.