MPS President Gets Certified as StrengthsFinder Coach

Posted in Human Resources / Professional Development / Training Services on December 18, 2015
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Kendall Lott

Congratulations are in order for our President and CEO, Kendall Lott, who is now a certified StrengthsFinder coach. StrengthsFinder is a personal development approach to help individuals determine their personal set of talents so they can optimize their performance in every aspect of their lives. The certification process from the Gallup organization (yes, the people who conduct the polls) consists of a one-week intensive course, a 90-minute exam, and practice coaching sessions, which must receive high recommendations from at least six coaching clients.

When asked, “Why StrengthsFinder?” Kendall was quick to answer. ”What I like about StrengthsFinder is that, unlike many psychometric instruments that indicate ‘you are a certain way,’ or other coaching methods that ask ‘what’s not working?’ this focuses on what you do well.  We don’t want to just avoid failure, we want to be excellent, and we want to achieve excellence in ways that each of us finds comfortable and personally exciting.” With his keen interest in organizational change and individual empowerment (professional development), Kendall hopes to use the precepts of StrengthsFinder to boost his own team.  He also plans to offer management coaching for groups that want to improve their organizations.

By the way – according to StrengthsFinder, Kendall’s signature strengths are:  Input, Strategic, Futuristic, Ideation, and Intellection.

Nicole Baillis and Patti McMullen: Certified DiSC® Trainers

Posted in Human Resources / Professional Development / Training Services on December 18, 2015
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Nicole Baillis & Patti McMullen

Nicole Baillis, PREP Director, and Patti McMullen, Analyst and PACE alumna, spent two days in snowy Minneapolis earlier this month earning training certifications in DiSC behavioral assessment. Nicole and Patti share a common interest in professional development and human capital, and becoming DiSC®-certified is an important component to developing individuals and improving the workplace.

DiSC® is a valuable, personal assessment tool designed to improve productivity and help professionals engage more effectively with one another. A majority of MPS staff have completed the DiSC® assessment, which evaluates the emphasis individuals place on accomplishing results (Dominance), persuading others (Influence), cooperation (Steadiness), and accuracy (Contentiousness).

With understanding gained through DiSC® assessments, our organization and staff are able to improve interpersonal communication, develop dynamic teams, reduce conflict, and increase overall effectiveness. Through DiSC®, people gain insight and knowledge about their own communication and work style preferences, and how to engage with others, recognizing their personal strengthens and challenge areas.

To receive DiSC® certification, Nicole and Patti completed pre-session assessments, attended classroom trainings, and passed a practical exam. We congratulate them on this accomplishment, and look forward to seeing their new and improved DiSC® staff trainings in the future!

Happy Holidays from MPS to our Servicemen & Women Overseas

Posted in Community Involvement / Corporate Events / Pro Bono Program on December 09, 2015
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MPS Staffers Wrap It Up for our Troops

On the 74th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, M Powered Strategies employees came together to wrap gifts for our soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors who are currently serving overseas. Twenty big boxes were stuffed with hand-written holiday cards, snack foods, toiletries, books and magazines, and sent to an Army unit deployed in Afghanistan as well as a Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters Unit that includes troops from all branches deployed across the Middle East.

We hope the gifts and cards will brighten the holidays for our service members who cannot be home with their families and friends this holiday season. They are not forgotten and their service is much appreciated.

Welcome, Paul Dolmon!

Posted in Human Resources / PACE Program on December 08, 2015
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Paul Dolmon

Paul Dolmon earned his B.A. in Political Science, with a concentration in global security, from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. There, he was a member of the Environmental Fellowship Program and served on the University’s YMCA Board of Governors. His thesis paper examined the change in food production of economically underdeveloped nations when controlled by EU subsidies.

As an undergrad, Paul spent 5 months in Washington DC as part of the Illinois in Washington program. During that time, he acquired an advocacy internship with the Truman National Security Project. Upon graduation, he joined a year-long program as an English-as-a-Second-Language instructor in Ashdod, Israel. Prior to joining M Powered Strategies, Paul worked as a paralegal in Chicago. He’s excited to be back in DC as part of MPS’ PACE Program, and hopes that the Book of Mormon musical will return to the city soon.

Welcome, Sadie Garcea!

Posted in Human Resources / PACE Program on December 01, 2015
Sadie Garcea

Sadie Garcea

Sadie Garcea comes to PACE Cohort 9 fresh off of her graduation from SAIS.  She has a background in Strategic Studies, a regional focus on Latin America and likes to dabble in International Trade.  Before graduate school, Sadie worked at a tech start-up in Boulder, Colorado, where she led the effort to expand their business to the US Latino population.  New to DC and the consulting world, she is very excited to start the PACE program.

In addition to an MA from SAIS, Sadie has a BA in Economics and Hispanic Studies from Boston College.  She enjoys playing soccer, skiing and Crossfit.