Welcome, Isaac Garon!

Posted in Human Resources on May 17, 2016
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Isaac Garon

Isaac Garon joins M Powered Strategies with seven years of experience in education, project management, and partnership development. A native of the Washington DC area, Isaac graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in History. After graduation, he joined Teach For America and spent the next three years teaching middle school English, Reading, and Social Studies in New Orleans. He went on to hold a variety of roles as a project manager at a charter school network, managing day-to-day operations and navigating federal audits and grants. Most recently, he worked at 2U, Inc., an education technology company, where he managed and developed strategic partnerships.

Isaac is excited to be back in DC,  joining the team at MPS. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the city, checking out live music, traveling, watching Jeopardy, and scuba diving.

Congratulations to PACE Cohort 9!

Posted in PACE Program / PREP on May 09, 2016


MPS President, Kendall Lott, and PREP Director, Nicole Baillis, with Cohort 9

MPS President, Kendall Lott, with Lee Levy, Sadie Garcea, Paul Dolmon, Anya Clifford and PREP Director, Nicole Baillis

Another milestone has been passed for the members of MPS’ ninth PACE Cohort. Anya Clifford, Paul Dolmon, Sadie Garcea and Lee Levy were honored at the Closing Certificate Ceremony, held May 6 in Sidney Harman Hall. MPS Staff, as well as business partners and members of the PREP Oversight Group were there to celebrate. Anya Clifford was winner of the group’s Business Case, a capstone project which involves researching an actual issue within a government agency, and then writing a white paper and presenting it to a panel of experts.

Congratulations to all the cohort members for the excellent work they have done over the past 25 weeks.

For more information about the ANSI-accredited PACE Program, please email Nicole Baillis, PREP Director.

Welcome, Arezu Hadjialiloo!

Posted in Human Resources on May 03, 2016
Arezu Hadjialiloo

Arezu Hadjialiloo

Arezu Hadjialiloo joins M Powered Strategies with three years of experience as a Teach For America corps member where she taught middle school English and Social Studies in Waianae, Hawai’i. During this time, Arezu also worked as a Data Team Facilitator within her department and a School Director for Hoku Scholars, a scholarship and college-readiness nonprofit for students on the Leeward Coast. 

Arezu is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at The Trachtenberg School of The George Washington University with a concentration in Federal Policy, Politics, and Management. She is expected to graduate in May of 2017. Arezu received her B.A. in English from The George Washington University as well, graduating Magna Cum Laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

In her spare time, Arezu enjoys traveling to new countries, hiking, exploring local restaurants, and reading (mostly fiction). After a couple of months as an MPS Business Development Associate, Arezu is excited to be transitioning to full-time staff!

New from MPS: Total Insights

MPS recently added a new service: Total Insights. One of our reporters sat down with Jimmy Church, Business Development Manager, to learn more about it.

MPS Reporter: What is Total Insights?

JIMMY: Total Insights is all about providing leaders and decision-makers with the complete picture so they can make informed decisions. What we do is a) gather the relevant data; b) analyze, synthesize, and turn that data into useful information; and c) to top it off we deliver specific and actionable recommendations.

MPS Reporter: What inspired you to develop this service?

JIMMY: We noticed that in many organizations, leadership either doesn’t pay attention to the needs of their customers and stakeholders, or they simply lack the data they need to make informed decisions.  Leaders need a quick way to acquire the information they need so they can make decisions to move their organization forward.

MPS Reporter: Who is the target customer?

JIMMY: Really any organization could benefit from this service, but right now we are looking to serve nonprofits and industry associations. M Powered Strategies is an Employer of National Service, and part of our mission is to help nonprofits and service-oriented organizations realize their goals.

MPS Reporter: How is information gathered?

JIMMY: We gather data from two types of sources. First we talk to the decision-makers in the client organization. Based on those interviews, we reach out to the other stakeholders, members, and beneficiaries, with specially designed anonymous surveys. This way we avoid issues of personality and politics.

MPS Reporter: Can you tell us about any specific cases where Total Insights really impacted an organization?

JIMMY: Well a few months ago, an executive at a leading association needed external information so he could help the management team make some key decisions. We had a meeting with the whole senior management team to learn about their vision – their needs and their objectives. Based on that input, we were able to determine the types of information they needed from their membership base.

We sent specially tailored surveys out to 12,000 members. Once the data was collected, we held facilitated sessions with each of the management teams to review the raw data and the analysis. Then we came up with a list of 50 very specific recommendations – all supported by data that came directly from customers or staff members – that the organization can implement to enhance the value they provide to their members.

The results of our work essentially became half of the agenda at their annual flagship conference, where prominent government and financial leaders were in attendance.  The COO presented the findings, calling it “The Future of the Industry,” because that was one of the sections in the survey. (The COO, by the way, said it was the best membership survey she had seen in her entire career.)

MPS Reporter: That’s fantastic! It must be so rewarding to bring Total Insights into an organization.

JIMMY: What I like is that, by doing this kind of data-based re-set, Total Insights gets senior leaders excited about their mission again.