M Powered Strategies Joins GSA’s IT-70 Schedule

Posted in Contracting on December 30, 2016

GSA logoM Powered Strategies was awarded a contract for the General Service Administration’s (GSA) IT Schedule 70, also known as “IT-70”. IT-70 provides federal, state, and local customer agencies with the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and obtain the best value for innovative technology products, services, and solutions. MPS is one of the newest of the 4,600 pre-vetted vendors that have access to bid government work through this vehicle.

While IT-70 offers a wide variety of products and services to the government, MPS has been approved to offer our IT Professional Services, Agile Delivery Services, as well as our Health IT Services as a prime contractor. Our experience providing these services both as prime and subcontractors across the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Health and Human Services, the International Trade Administration, and Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board for the past twelve years has aligned MPS to the services procured through IT-70.

“The government has demonstrated the viability and success these federal schedules have in creating fair competition and competitive prices,” says MPS President Kendall Lott. “For a small company, this schedule provides essential access to our clients and future clients for the services we provide.  We look forward to continuing to empower our clients at IT organizations to drive organizational effectiveness, structure efficient development processes, and enable the rapid deployment of technology solutions.”

MPS is always looking for partners aligned to our mission of serving, changing, and empowering the government. If you are interested in learning more about our services offered on IT-70 or partnering with MPS, please email Allison Primack, Sales Operations Manager (allison.primack@mpoweredstrategies.com).


M Powered Strategies Adds Training Services to GSA MOBIS Contract

gsa-logoAfter successfully completing two projects for the Federal Government in direct alignment to the services included under GSA MOBIS SIN 874-4, M Powered Strategies (MPS) formally applied for and was awarded this key addition to our MOBIS contract. MPS is now poised to offer its extensive Professional Development Services, which include Executive & Leadership Coaching, Team Building & Development, Apprenticeship Programs, Portfolio of Skills Development Training Courses, and Curriculum & Instructional Systems Design, to our Federal clients.

VA Awards Facilitation Services BPA to M Powered Strategies

Posted in Contracting / Department of Veterans Affairs / Facilitation on November 19, 2013

Department of Veterans Affairs signM Powered Strategies (MPS) was recently awarded a BPA for Facilitation services with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). MPS will provide Facilitation and Requirements Facilitation services to five offices within the Office of Informatics and Analytics (OIA): Office of the ADUSH for OIA, Health Informatics, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Health Information Governance, and Connected Health.

M Powered Strategies President & CEO, Kendall Lott, views this opportunity as a natural outgrowth of the work MPS been doing for nearly a decade at the VA.  “MPS is familiar with the landscape, the processes, the people of this agency, and we are committed to driving organizational effectiveness that will last.”

Booz Allen Hamilton, Dovel Technologies, and Platinum Business Services will be supporting M Powered Strategies for this BPA.

M Powered Strategies on SRA’s Winning Team for T4 IDIQ

SRA logoSRA International has been named one of only 15 contractors, and one of eight large businesses, awarded an IDIQ contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology acquisition program, known as T4. As a member of the SRA Team, M Powered Strategies will have the opportunity to work with both current and new partners and clients at VA. T4 is a new $12 billion dollar contract under which the SRA Team will compete to provide a broad range of IT and telecommunication services, including program management and strategy planning, systems and software engineering, cyber security, operation and maintenance, and training.

Modifications to MOBIS

Posted in Contracting / Facilitation on August 03, 2011

GSA logoM Powered Strategies has successfully modified our MOBIS contract with two additional labor categories, including Facilitation Quality Manager and Consultant, and 13 adjusted rates via an economic price adjustment. For more information about this GSA schedule and M Powered Strategies rates, please visit: www.mpoweredstrategies.com/contract-vehicles

VA Contract Renewal

Posted in Contracting / Department of Veterans Affairs on September 30, 2010

Department of Veterans Affairs sealThe VA contract was renewed for another fiscal year. This is the final stretch for the VA Team and we will need to recompete in FY 2011 for the continued business supporting Information, Technology and Resource Management (ITRM) and Architecture, Strategy and Design (ASD). The reorganization within the Office of Information and Technology has the team officially split supporting both ITRM and ASD organizations. Both organizations have different lines of business and scopes of work.

Marketing Labor Categories are Growing

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates / Marketing on September 30, 2010

GSA logoWe have added 14 additional marketing labor categories. This is valuable to M Powered Strategies because it expands our availability to the market and provides clients with another method of getting our services. These labor categories can be used to expand on our existing GSA schedule (MOBIS) labor categories under SIN-7 and will help when we prepare our second GSA schedule (AIMS) submission.

Enterprise Architecture Support Win!!

Posted in Contracting / Department of Veterans Affairs on September 30, 2010

VA, OI&T, Architecture Strategy and Design (formally ESPPP), Enterprise Architecture Office

Department of Veterans Affairs sealM Powered Strategies has won a new subcontract at the Department of Veterans Affairs. M Powered Strategies was part of a team of vendors primed by C2 Solutions Group, Inc. (C2) that has been awarded one of the Enterprise Architecture Support contracts within the of Office of Information Technology, Architecture Strategy and Design (formerly the Office of IT Enterprise Strategy, Policy, Plans and Programs (ESPPP)), Enterprise Architecture. C2, a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Company and GSA VETS GWAC prime contractor, has been M Powered Strategies’ partner and sub in the VA’s Enterprise Architecture office since 2007.

The winning C2-lead team for this opportunity includes M Powered Strategies, Inc., Oculus Group, LLC, SRA International, Inc., Whitney Bradley & Brown, Inc., Veterans Enterprise Technology Services, Inc., and Innovative Management & Technology Approaches, Inc., all of whom are incumbent contractors at the VA. M Powered Strategies has been supporting the VA Enterprise Architecture effort since 2004.

M Powered Strategies will be providing support for this contract in the areas of project management and analytical support to include meeting management and organizational consulting. The win of this contract increases M Powered Strategies’ current footprint in the Office of Architecture Strategy and Design (ASD) and specifically in the Enterprise Architecture Office where we will now have multiple M Powered Strategies resources. Congratulations to M Powered Strategies for building valuable partnerships, doing good work and being recognized for such. Go Team!

Mobis Awarded Five More Years

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates on June 30, 2010

GSA logoOur Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) schedule was recently awarded the next five-year option period; it now runs through June 30, 2015. This is important because, as a MOBIS schedule holder, it allows M Powered Strategies to continue to compete for opportunities specifically utilizing the MOBIS schedule. In addition to our subcontracting efforts, the number of MOBIS opportunities will continue to be significant.

If given the opportunity, inform your client(s) that M Powered Strategies offers competitive labor categories on three SINs (special item numbers); 874-1 Consulting, 874-2 Facilitation, and 874-7 Program and Project Management.

Marketing Services Continue to Grow

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates / Marketing on June 30, 2010

After an insightful phone conversation with GSA, Brenda Maynor, Ed Adelman, and Whitney Starring are pleased to announce that marketing work can be performed under our current GSA contract vehicle, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). This is a huge asset to the company, as it was previously believed that marketing services could only be delivered under the GSA contract vehicle, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS), which is being pursued for future engagements. The MOBIS discovery will enable M Powered Strategies to deliver comprehensive marketing and strategic communications programs that are integrated with all facets of the organizations where work is being performed.

Whitney Starring is diligently leading the AIMS (Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions) solicitation effort. This is a multi-step process that includes SIN (special item number) selection, past performance documentation, and the development of labor categories. The intent is to have this wrapped up by the end of summer. Keep up the great work!

In addition to this exciting news, M Powered Strategies is now delivering marketing services to multiple agencies including continued efforts at Department of Energy, branding work at Veterans Affairs, and awareness campaigns at Department of Transportation.

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