MPS’s Quality Management System is ISO-9001-2008 Certified

Posted in Corporate Updates on February 02, 2017

ANAB-ASRMPS’s Quality Management System (QMS) was recently certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – internationally recognized as the gold standard for quality management. ISO-9001-2008 certification means that MPS maintains a QMS that adheres to the best practices as prescribed by ISO.

The requirements for ISO certification are stringent, and the process arduous, culminating in an intense 3-day audit. According to MPS staffer Wes Cronkite, who, along with Hoor Jangda, worked for over a year to prepare for the certification, “Many firms bring in external resources to obtain an ISO certification. At MPS we did it in-house, working with our internal management team. Our firm’s commitment to a quality, process-based corporate structure has long been in place so we decided to document and translate what we were already doing in a manner which enabled us to gain the certification. We simply built on our existing strategy and structure.”

The ISO certification ensures that quality permeates our organization at all levels: from hiring and performance management, to business development and service offerings, all the way through to client delivery and follow-through. At MPS we are proud of our Quality Management System, which is designed to fulfill our firm’s commitment to public service.

New from MPS: Total Insights

MPS recently added a new service: Total Insights. One of our reporters sat down with Jimmy Church, Business Development Manager, to learn more about it.

MPS Reporter: What is Total Insights?

JIMMY: Total Insights is all about providing leaders and decision-makers with the complete picture so they can make informed decisions. What we do is a) gather the relevant data; b) analyze, synthesize, and turn that data into useful information; and c) to top it off we deliver specific and actionable recommendations.

MPS Reporter: What inspired you to develop this service?

JIMMY: We noticed that in many organizations, leadership either doesn’t pay attention to the needs of their customers and stakeholders, or they simply lack the data they need to make informed decisions.  Leaders need a quick way to acquire the information they need so they can make decisions to move their organization forward.

MPS Reporter: Who is the target customer?

JIMMY: Really any organization could benefit from this service, but right now we are looking to serve nonprofits and industry associations. M Powered Strategies is an Employer of National Service, and part of our mission is to help nonprofits and service-oriented organizations realize their goals.

MPS Reporter: How is information gathered?

JIMMY: We gather data from two types of sources. First we talk to the decision-makers in the client organization. Based on those interviews, we reach out to the other stakeholders, members, and beneficiaries, with specially designed anonymous surveys. This way we avoid issues of personality and politics.

MPS Reporter: Can you tell us about any specific cases where Total Insights really impacted an organization?

JIMMY: Well a few months ago, an executive at a leading association needed external information so he could help the management team make some key decisions. We had a meeting with the whole senior management team to learn about their vision – their needs and their objectives. Based on that input, we were able to determine the types of information they needed from their membership base.

We sent specially tailored surveys out to 12,000 members. Once the data was collected, we held facilitated sessions with each of the management teams to review the raw data and the analysis. Then we came up with a list of 50 very specific recommendations – all supported by data that came directly from customers or staff members – that the organization can implement to enhance the value they provide to their members.

The results of our work essentially became half of the agenda at their annual flagship conference, where prominent government and financial leaders were in attendance.  The COO presented the findings, calling it “The Future of the Industry,” because that was one of the sections in the survey. (The COO, by the way, said it was the best membership survey she had seen in her entire career.)

MPS Reporter: That’s fantastic! It must be so rewarding to bring Total Insights into an organization.

JIMMY: What I like is that, by doing this kind of data-based re-set, Total Insights gets senior leaders excited about their mission again.




M Powered Strategies Adds Training Services to GSA MOBIS Contract

gsa-logoAfter successfully completing two projects for the Federal Government in direct alignment to the services included under GSA MOBIS SIN 874-4, M Powered Strategies (MPS) formally applied for and was awarded this key addition to our MOBIS contract. MPS is now poised to offer its extensive Professional Development Services, which include Executive & Leadership Coaching, Team Building & Development, Apprenticeship Programs, Portfolio of Skills Development Training Courses, and Curriculum & Instructional Systems Design, to our Federal clients.

M Powered Strategies® Gets HUBZone Certification

Posted in Business Development / Corporate Updates on January 05, 2015

Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) logoConsistent with its mission to increase the effectiveness of organizations and the communities surrounding them, M Powered Strategies, Inc. (MPS) has been awarded HUBZone certification status as recognized by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Having employed some of the best and brightest talent from up and coming urban DC communities for over the past 13 years, MPS is proud to be recognized as a new member of the SBA HUBZone program and looks forward to contributing to continued economic development in historically underutilized business zones. MPS sends a warm thank you to the SBA for this tremendous opportunity and looks forward to an exciting 2015!

M Powered Strategies Kicks Off The PACE Program

Posted in Corporate Updates / PACE Program on February 22, 2013

PACE Program inaugural class On February 18, 2013, M Powered Strategies welcomed the inaugural class of its new Professional Apprenticeship for Consulting Excellence (PACE) Program.  Erin Bankey, the Program Manager, has spent the past year designing and organizing the program, which aims to accelerate the career potential of transitioning professionals interested in management consulting.  At M Powered Strategies, apprentices will gain hands-on client experience, skills training, and networking opportunities. The long-term vision of the program is to pipeline top talent into Federal Government consulting and improve the standard of human capital in service to our clients. 

M Powered Strategies’ Nic Turrentine is the Team Lead for the PACE team, which will be working in partnership with Deloitte on a project for the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Veterans Benefits Management Systems (VBMS). They are tasked with facilitating business architecture, business process management, and requirements elicitation and definition. Nic, who acted as Team Lead for the Applied Management Professionals (AMP) Program last summer, is excited to be working with the PACE team.  “The group we have assembled is top notch,” he remarked.  The new apprentices hail from a range of backgrounds and experience: international work, small business development, think tanks, and military service.  What they share is an energetic and enthusiastic approach to their work for the Federal Government and a commitment to their own professional development in the field of management consulting.

M Squared Strategies becomes M Powered Strategies

Posted in Corporate Updates on January 16, 2013

Over the years, as M Squared Strategies has matured, our scope and mission have evolved. To celebrate our growth, we have decided to change our name. On Sunday, January 20th,  M Squared Strategies, Inc. will officially become M Powered Strategies, Inc. We are excited about the change. The new name better reflects our mission, empowering executives and managers to achieve their goals through our consulting and professional development support.  With our AMP and PACE programs we empower apprentice professionals by giving them the tools and hands-on experience for success.  Watch our website as we continue to implement our suite of professional development programs to support the public sector, teaching others to be effective in public service.

We look forward to operating under our new name, as we continue to provide our clients and contract teams with a first-class team of motivated consultants, trusted advisers, and reliable partners.

How Much Do You Know About Organizational Design?

Posted in Corporate Updates / Professional Development on December 13, 2011

Organizational Design SymposiumThe Organizational Design Symposium, led by Nic Turrentine, was designed to educate the participants about the subject and explore avenues to outline the M Powered Strategies Organizational Design Service Line. Brian St.Sauveur, Andrew Slawter, and Wes Cronkite prepared and delivered presentations based on literature they reviewed regarding the subject. Each of them gave informative and engaging presentations that delved into the specifics of Organizational Design, including various models used.

The symposium also consisted of a variety of brainstorming and discussions sessions exploring areas of Organizational Design that M Powered Strategies is currently providing and future areas to grow. These outputs will help develop the core documentation when we are designing how the Organizational Design Service Line will operate. This Symposium was exceptionally educational to all the participants and valuable to the company.

A special thanks to Brian St.Sauveur, Andrew Slawter, and Wes Cronkite for taking extra time beyond their normal work schedule to prepare materials for the symposium and to all participants for attending!

Preparing our Organizational Leaders and Facilitators to Better Serve Government Clients

Erin Bankey led a training session on group dynamics to better inform the company’s work with organizational design, project management, and facilitation. In collaboration with Dr. Sam Steen of The George Washington University, the course covered the five stages of group development and useful techniques to mitigate group problems. Examples raised during the group discussion demonstrated that an understanding of how people interact in groups is essential in client delivery and relevant for our work.

Offering internal training sessions is part of the FSL’s effort to provide professional development for M Powered Strategies employees. The slide deck and presentation notes can be found under Corporate Meetings on SharePoint.

Be looking for more upcoming training offerings from FSL, including strategic communications, interest-based problem solving, leadership development, and conflict resolution! Based on the feedback received so far, project management, process design, proposal writing, and organizational change management are also popular requests for future trainings.

Please feel free to email the FSL team with additional suggestions or requests for desired trainings. We look forward to your valuable input!

Meeting Managers Showcase & Training

Can a meeting that only gets half way through the scheduled agenda be considered successful? Absolutely!

The Meeting Managers Training in September is an excellent example. The afternoon training was a great success, despite only finishing half way, as it showcased current M Powered Strategies supported meetings by each Meeting Managers. These presentations described each meeting’s significance, benefits, and where M Powered Strategies has brought direct value. We also documented a long list of the various tools that M Powered Strategies uses to support the meeting. In total, M Powered Strategies has seven Meeting Managers (and counting) supporting 19 meetings!

Andrew Slawter brought forth his vast M Powered Strategies experience in meeting management and facilitated an informative and entertaining training session on meeting minutes, proper documentation, and procedures. Hard to believe meeting minutes could actually be fun!

Outputs captured from the meeting will help M Powered Strategies develop common standards and train future Meeting Managers. With time shortened from the original schedule, we were only able to get through half of the agenda. The second half of this training session resumed in mid-October and focused on further improving M Powered Strategies meeting management through using technological tools and writing clearer, more effective action Items. Thank you all for your participation and feedback!

AMP Mentor Relationship Yields First AMP-Initiated Corporate Project

Posted in AMP Program / Corporate Updates on December 13, 2011

In June, Elena Foukes joined M Powered Strategies as a part of the third class of Applied Management Professionals (AMP). The mentor component of the program was created to introduce AMPs to the M Powered Strategies corporate culture and to be able to teach the young professionals some of the nuances of client delivery in a government-consulting environment.

During their mentor meetings, Andrew Slawter and Elena Foukes identified an opportunity to develop a corporate project that would strengthen the AMP Program and add value to AMP client delivery. In their afterhours discussions they quickly identified a need to increase the level of the program’s quality assurance. With the help of her mentor, Elena developed a Plan of Action and Milestones for a Quality Assurance Management Plan (QAMP) to be delivered as a component of the AMP Program. In early August, they met with the President of M Powered Strategies, Kendall Lott, to present the proposed plan which included a project overview, a list of deliverables, a work breakdown structure, and a cost benefit analysis. This endeavor marked the first time that an AMP-Mentor relationship led to the creation of a corporate project. The project was particularly unique in that it is focused on the sustainability of the AMP Program, and on the quality of client delivery as a means to achieve that sustainability.

Some of the deliverables Elena will produce as part of the QAMP include the development of a Quality Assurance Guide for the AMP Program Director’s use in future program years, guidelines to ensure the creation of successful projects, guidelines to set and manage client expectations, and suggested communication flows to enable effective reporting of AMP activities. In addition to quality assurance, the project includes case studies focused on the AMP Program achievements during the 2011 Program for the creation of marketing materials.

Elements from the QAMP can also be applied to other areas of M Powered Strategies. The Quality Assurance Management Plan will be incorporated into the 2012 AMP Program as M Powered Strategies continues to strive for professionalism, transparency, accountability in all the company undertakes.

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