Marketing is Getting Social

Posted in Corporate Updates / Marketing on August 03, 2011

We have created a comprehensive suite of stationary for a wide variety of correspondence. From formal letters and proposals to proper handwritten cards to causal notes, we have created the paper goods (with matching envelopes, of course) to meet every need. We have also just started developing our presence in the social networking arena with a Linked In profile and a Facebook page. If you have not already, be sure to ‘connect to’ us and ‘like’ us, respectively.

Our New Face on the Web is Officially Live and Well!

Posted in Corporate Updates / IT Services / Marketing on April 25, 2011

M Powered Strategies launched our new website in February. With a thorough introduction to the company, information about of each of our primary service lines, details on how to contract and partner with us, postings about current job openings, and, naturally, contact information, the new site is already attracting increased traffic from Google.

This launch was no small undertaking. The Marketing and Information Technology Services (ITS) teams worked closely together and coordinated efforts to prepare an infrastructure to host our newest marketing tool. To ensure consistent professionalism, ITS will be converting all of our email addresses to the ‘’ format to match our new domain name. This transition will take place over the summer and should be seamless.

Marketing Labor Categories are Growing

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates / Marketing on September 30, 2010

GSA logoWe have added 14 additional marketing labor categories. This is valuable to M Powered Strategies because it expands our availability to the market and provides clients with another method of getting our services. These labor categories can be used to expand on our existing GSA schedule (MOBIS) labor categories under SIN-7 and will help when we prepare our second GSA schedule (AIMS) submission.

Branding Efforts Get Noticed

Posted in Corporate Updates / Marketing on September 30, 2010

The corporate marketing ‘to-do’ list is continually growing, but we are excited to have checked a few things off the list. In addition to this new newsletter format, we have also rolled out a corporate capabilities statement, some service line collateral, and a new business card design that have all received rave reviews. You may have also noticed (or will soon) new suite signs outside our corporate offices. To help raise brand awareness, we have provided you with new pens and portfolios, and notebooks are on the way. We are diligently working on the new website and hope to have a debut party before the end of the year.

Our our professional quality glossies have already generated complimentary words from partners, potential clients and other participants in our market. The overwhelmingly positive feedback is evidence that we have captured some attention. Our brand has been well received and evoked a high level of respect with our employees, partners and clients alike. Branding matters. Our brand is our identity, our personality, if you will—it tells who we are as a company. Consistent branding lets people know that we, too, are consistent. When they recognize consistent professionalism in our brand, they grow to expect that our delivery will be consistently professional as well.

To help maintain consistency across the board, we have developed corporate templates that are posted to the SharePoint site for you to use for all of your corporate documents and presentations.

Starring Takes On Corporate Marketing

Posted in Corporate Updates / Human Resources / Marketing on June 30, 2010

“I am excited about the opportunity to assist in building the marketing program for M Powered Strategies. With such a supportive staff and a solid platform to build upon, I am confident that we will attain our marketing goals.”

Whitney Starring

Whitney Starring

Whitney Starring, who has been with M Powered Strategies for nearly two years, has decided to share her marketing expertise with the company as Director of Corporate Marketing. With almost eight years of marketing experience in both the private and public sectors, Whitney is currently marketing for our clients at the Department of Energy as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs. In her new role, Whitney picks up the marketing trail that Brenda Maynor pioneered in 2009-2010, and is charged with developing and implementing an integrated marketing plan to include M Powered Strategies branding, complimentary collateral, and a new and improved website. She will also develop company-wide marketing and branding standards and maintain a SharePoint page to assist with creating a professional identity and consistent message for the company. Please join us in congratulating Whitney on her new role and be supportive of the overall marketing efforts that M Powered Strategies is embarking on. Whitney is sure to be a valuable asset to the corporate structure and a leader in getting our message of service to the market.

Marketing Services Continue to Grow

Posted in Contracting / Corporate Updates / Marketing on June 30, 2010

After an insightful phone conversation with GSA, Brenda Maynor, Ed Adelman, and Whitney Starring are pleased to announce that marketing work can be performed under our current GSA contract vehicle, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). This is a huge asset to the company, as it was previously believed that marketing services could only be delivered under the GSA contract vehicle, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS), which is being pursued for future engagements. The MOBIS discovery will enable M Powered Strategies to deliver comprehensive marketing and strategic communications programs that are integrated with all facets of the organizations where work is being performed.

Whitney Starring is diligently leading the AIMS (Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions) solicitation effort. This is a multi-step process that includes SIN (special item number) selection, past performance documentation, and the development of labor categories. The intent is to have this wrapped up by the end of summer. Keep up the great work!

In addition to this exciting news, M Powered Strategies is now delivering marketing services to multiple agencies including continued efforts at Department of Energy, branding work at Veterans Affairs, and awareness campaigns at Department of Transportation.