GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Under our GSA Professional Services Schedule, M Powered Strategies delivers a range of specialized executive consulting services to federal clients. We deliver federal contracts under the SINs listed below. For more information, or to discuss contracting and partnering opportunities, contact: Sarah Nurse, Vice President of Client Services





874-1  Integrated Consulting Services
Includes expert advice and assistance, such as management or strategy consulting; facilitation and related decision support services; survey services; research and analysis; advisory and assistance services in support of agency management, organizational and business improvement efforts.

874-4  Training Services
Includes instructor-led training, web-based training and education courses, course development and test administration learning management, and internships.

874-7  Integrated Business Program and Project Management
Includes assisting agencies in planning, initiating, managing, executing, and closing out mission-oriented business programs and projects.

541-3  Web Based Marketing Services
Includes the development of strategies for an agency to provide the maximum use of their Internet capabilities.

541-4A  Market Research and Analysis Services
Includes customizing strategic marketing plans, branding initiatives, creating public awareness of products, services, and issues, determining market trends and conditions, conducting individual interviews, preparing/distributing surveys, and compiling/analyzing results.

541-4D  Conference, Events, and Trade Show Planning Services
Includes the making of all necessary arrangements for conferences, seminars and trade shows.

541-5  Integrated Marketing Services
Includes the creation of comprehensive solutions using strategically targeted marketing plans that include full service execution of media planning and creative multimedia campaigns to offer a complete solution that integrates various marketing services.

541-1000  Other Direct Costs (ODCs)
Expenses Other Than Direct Labor Hours

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