Business Development Associates


Business Development Associates (BDAs) are part-time hourly employees, primarily undergraduate and graduate students.  BDAs have an opportunity to gain experience within the consulting industry, conducting research that relates to M Powered Strategies’ capability set, analyzing contracts on the open market to identify new opportunities, and reaching out to customers to learn more about their goals and objectives. BDAs are invited to MPS corporate events, and have access to the weekly PREP/PACE training sessions, covering topics such as strategic planning, federal budget analysis, facilitation techniques, and more.

This role is a part time (40-60 hours per month) paid position. BDAs have the flexibility to set their own schedule while working both remotely and at MPS headquarters. The standard duration of employment is one semester, but we’re always happy to keep great people around longer if they are available. Our successful BDAs display an ability to work as part of a team, but also the confidence to take on projects themselves. We look for people who can be self-sufficient, but who also have no problem asking for help when they get stuck.


To learn more about opportunities in the BDA program, contact: Patti McMullen