The Austin Scene, According to MPS HR Director, Andrew MacDonald

Welcome to my front porch in Austin, TX! This photo captures a lot of the past month and a half: solitude, spring, Microsoft Teams and Amazon Prime deliveries.

We are really fortunate at MPS to be able to maintain operations, with all our contracts supporting virtual work. Our IT infrastructure was already set to accommodate potential disruption, so our systems as well as our consultants have made the transition with relative ease. Kendall…


Dispatch from Naples: The Office of Wallace Martin

Working from home presents great opportunities both professionally and personally. I am encouraged to organize my days with healthy routines and to take time to build on and solidify the importance of and the value in the work we are doing. Despite these uncertain times, we continue to deliver valuable solutions for our clients and grow professionally along the way. Particularly, I have enjoyed the new ways we find ourselves connecting with…


From Ben Eden’s Backporch

Using outdoor space at home as often as possible for work, exercise, and leisure is how I stay engaged with the world around me while sheltering in place. The sounds of spring make for a great soundtrack while helping to lead data science efforts for the DoD and VA’s Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) Program Office. Meanwhile, nights filled with everything from virtual surprise birthday parties to virtual jam sessions are…


An Update from the West Coast Office of Julianna Driskel

One of the benefits of working for M Powered Strategies is that we encourage an adaptable culture. Working remotely is business as usual for me, but “Shelter in Place” means my home office now includes an extra coworker or three. It can be difficult to find a quiet spot to conduct a meeting or interview, which is when my Honda Fit* comes in handy. And even though most of the time my “car calls” keep me rooted to my parking space, I…


From the Satellite Office of MPS Consultant Sofia Crutchfield

Hello World, welcome to my crib! I’m definitely missing my coworkers and client space right now. But as a remote-contract-veteran I’m powering through, and glad to have the skills to adapt to a growing market and changing environment. While the global situation is stressful, it’s good to feel that we at MPS are not in standstill right now. Managing change is what we do best, and secure digital transformation is more important now than…


A Message from MPS President, Kendall Lott

Greetings to all from MPS. Yes we are here and the lines are open. Virtually.  Like so many around the world, our consultants are adapting to the new paradigm. It has been heartening to see the creativity and invention that is emerging as a result. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Among other changes, as people stayed home to work, we managed
meet with every client, initiate a new climate assessment contract complete