From Amanda Higley’s Maryland Getaway

Hi everyone, welcome to my office!  This is a different set-up from my client’s space in DC, with more room to support my various tasks. (This is my meeting set-up; I also have a “writing chair,” not pictured.)  My commute is a lot shorter – a short 30 second walk, who can beat that??  Beyond the walls of my workstation, I have an awesome and supportive husband who is somehow able to work around our 3-year old... +

Lawrence Guieb’s Virtual Virginia Life

Hey everyone, I hope all is well.  I’ve been with MPS almost a year. (July 1st will mark one year!)  The pandemic has forced me to transition many aspects of my life to a more virtual setting.  This includes remote work, virtual game night, and virtual happy hours.  I may not see my coworkers, friends, and family in person, but I see/hear from them even more. I try to keep active, and limit my kitchen trips!  After work, I usually... +

The Other Washington: From Wes Cronkite’s Window

After moving to Seattle last year, I have continued supporting VA clients on east coast hours. Starting REALLY early in the morning. Luckily the sun rises early out here, so the view from the living room desk to the skyline is beautiful…even at 4:30am. I support the Benefits Appeals and Memorials (BAM) portfolio, providing project management support to the development sprint teams building an IT-platform for VA applications. I keep in... +

Linda Downing Stays Upbeat in Arlington, VA

In spite of the world coming to a virtual standstill, my transition to remote work has been seamless. I continue to provide consulting services to our federal clients, and I’ve even embarked on a pro-bono project for the Shakespeare Theatre Company. It’s been interesting balancing motherhood, distance learning and work responsibilities. (This teacher is ready for summer break!) Luckily my tiny 7 year-old co-worker has been a pleasure, and... +

Michael Warren’s Virginia View

I have a stand-up desk with a nice view of my curbside garden. I usually use this space for personal computer work and studying, so adapting to the “new normal” wasn’t that difficult. Overall I love working at home because I can get more done, and have easy access to amenities and healthy food. I can also do body exercises if my brain needs a break or boost. Currently I’m working on providing risk management guidance to clients,... +

Consultant Lily Seglin Helps Out in Chicago

I’ve been working from home since I started at MPS two years ago, so not much has changed with my workday. The biggest change for me is my volunteer work. Before the pandemic, I volunteered regularly at PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Chicago, helping to find adoptive homes for animals, and connecting underserved community members with veterinary care for their pets. Now, the only animal I get to see regularly is my cat, Rose. But that... +