Shani Nyandemoh Stands UP in a Virtual Workplace

I came to MPS mid-pandemic, so my entire experience here has been remote.  It was easy to gain my footing, as the entire MPS team welcomed me with (virtual) open arms. My current workspace is what I’ve always desired – a beautiful view, knick-knacks to remind me of loved ones and things I enjoy, and the ability to stand. Yes, a standing desk has been absolutely critical to my success. I feel fresh and ready to take on what the day... +

Consultant Jermon Williams Takes Control

In the midst of a year unlike any that’s come before, I chose early on to embrace our new normal with an open mind. This slight shift in mindset helped make my first five months with MPS a resounding success. From the virtual onboarding sessions and weekly meetings, to the Teams happy hours, the decision I made to invest my energy in the things I could control – basically turning lemons into lemonade – shaped my virtual experience for... +

Snapshots from Consultant Cathy Walley’s Virtual Office

Since I’ve never taken a selfie, here are my desk and trusty office mate, Dexter. My husband and I are in the midst of remodeling, so this is a bare bones temporary office – my second temp space in the past 9 months.  The pictures on the wall are favorites from past projects – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which was across the street from my office when I worked for IBM; the Bay Bridge and Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, where I... +

Melissa Farzin Makes Virtual Connections

I started working at MPS amidst the stay-at-home orders, close to the start of this pandemic! I have yet to meet one of my MPS or Teaming colleagues in person, but shockingly I feel very close to all of my coworkers. I love to make connections with people, so I do miss the in-person interaction. “Gratitude” would be one word to sum up starting a job during the pandemic. Currently, I am participating in the EMS program with a handful of... +

Lesley McNiesh Gets Intentional

I’ve had a desk in this spot since I began working at VACO (Veterans Affairs Central Office) every day, but when we moved to remote work with the pandemic, I fixed it up to create a more comfortable, ergonomic full-time work place. I miss interacting with colleagues in person, but I feel really lucky to have a job I can do remotely. The virtual collaboration tools available today are really amazing, considering the challenges we faced, even... +

Patrick Hendrickson Accentuates the Positive

In the early days of the pandemic, I anticipated only having to be fully teleworking for a few weeks before we all returned to the office and back to normal. After April and May came and went it became apparent that this crisis was going to last much longer and I needed to establish a more permanent workspace. I was fortunate to commandeer a vacant bedroom in my house as my housemates set up shop in the living room and the basement to conduct... +