Michael Warren’s Virginia View

I have a stand-up desk with a nice view of my curbside garden. I usually use this space for personal computer work and studying, so adapting to the “new normal” wasn’t that difficult. Overall I love working at home because I can get more done, and have easy access to amenities and healthy food. I can also do body exercises if my brain needs a break or boost. Currently I’m working on providing risk management guidance to clients,... +

Consultant Lily Seglin Helps Out in Chicago

I’ve been working from home since I started at MPS two years ago, so not much has changed with my workday. The biggest change for me is my volunteer work. Before the pandemic, I volunteered regularly at PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Chicago, helping to find adoptive homes for animals, and connecting underserved community members with veterinary care for their pets. Now, the only animal I get to see regularly is my cat, Rose. But that... +

MPS Community Engagement: Ready to Respond

Disasters come in all forms. Natural disasters, such as a hurricane or earthquake, can strike with little to no warning. Government shutdowns can upend life for federal workers in devastating ways, and a pandemic can grind life as we once knew it to a halt. MPS is ready to assist during trying times.  The Community Engagement (CE) Team at MPS is committed to providing relief services to the full extent of our ability. As a small business,... +

The DC Beat: Felicity Keeley Connects with Neighbors in Need

Among many of my good fortunes during this difficult time, I am thankful to continue offering my services uninterrupted to my clients from home. Meeting facilitation, process engineering and re-engineering, requirements gathering, and policy development are just some of what’s in my wheelhouse. Due to the changing nature of work, I had a critical opportunity to offer my expertise in designing my pillar’s Continuity of Operations Plan... +

The Austin Scene, According to MPS HR Director, Andrew MacDonald

Welcome to my front porch in Austin, TX! This photo captures a lot of the past month and a half: solitude, spring, Microsoft Teams and Amazon Prime deliveries. We are really fortunate at MPS to be able to maintain operations, with all our contracts supporting virtual work. Our IT infrastructure was already set to accommodate potential disruption, so our systems as well as our consultants have made the transition with relative ease. Kendall... +

Dispatch from Naples: The Office of Wallace Martin

Working from home presents great opportunities both professionally and personally. I am encouraged to organize my days with healthy routines and to take time to build on and solidify the importance of and the value in the work we are doing. Despite these uncertain times, we continue to deliver valuable solutions for our clients and grow professionally along the way. Particularly, I have enjoyed the new ways we find ourselves connecting with... +