Market Research for Nonprofits

It’s difficult to understand what your constituents actually want from you. Even if you already do surveys and satisfaction questionnaires, you could still be missing important insights. Usually only the most vocal or opinionated respond, so you are left not knowing what the majority thinks. Plus, most organization reach out only to people they already know, leaving them without information on the broader market.

M Powered Strategies can help you understand your organization’s value and presence through our Market Research strategies. Our consultants will use a variety of proven research techniques, such as digital interviews and focus groups in addition to traditional surveys. The results of our research will give you visibility across your market, including the needs of groups you may not have reached before. These insights will help you align your strategies and communications to the needs of both current and future stakeholders.

When You Might Need Market Research

  • You want to know more about the people who don’t engage with your organization, and how you can get them involved.
  • You don’t have a way to get regular feedback from your constituents, especially the ones who don’t participate in your programs.
  • You have to make trade-off decisions, such as choices that benefit one constituency at the expense of another, and need to gather information to make those decisions.


To learn more about how an MPS market research project can help you achieve your goals, contact:

Mary Flannery