Meeting Facilitation for Nonprofits

Successful group collaboration that keeps a meeting productive and moving forward is difficult, especially when a meeting has diverse stakeholders and complex content. Responding to quickly changing environments and requirements, while simultaneously understanding group dynamics and individual perspectives in a meeting, can make reaching a decision seem impossible.

M Powered Strategies’ meeting facilitation approach focuses on two critical success factors: people and information. We work with a group before, during and after a meeting to understand client needs.   Our team integrates those findings, to design a meeting that achieves the shared goals of the group, and clearly define activities between meetings. Our results-driven approach supports constructive stakeholder interaction, and collaboration around common information to produce long-lasting value to your organization.

When You Might Need Meeting Facilitation

  • You need people to collaborate to reach your shared goals, but you can’t seem to get everyone on the same page.
  • Everyone agrees on the goals in a meeting, but you can’t get your team to agree on the best way to solve a problem.
  • You come up with good solutions in a meeting, but they don’t seem to last past the meeting.
  • Your meetings always wind up off track as individuals want to discuss tangents that derail the goals of the meeting.
  • You have the right people in a meeting, but their expertise gets lost, overshadowed by louder voices or difficult interpersonal dynamics.
  • Your meetings are efficient and effective, but you keep hitting the same roadblocks and you can’t figure out what they are.


To learn more about how an MPS meeting facilitator can make your next meeting a success, contact:

Mary Flannery