Project Management for Nonprofits

Making great ideas work requires figuring out what needs to get done, coordinating resources, and nailing down timelines. As a nonprofit leader, you know managing projects is not that easy. Even with coordination and schedules, getting the right people and creating accountability is difficult. New ideas can be stymied by internal challenges such as workloads and funding constraints that delay the work that needs to be done, not to mention external challenges, such as stakeholders who don’t understand the goals of the project and what resources you need to succeed.

M Powered Strategies understands that projects need more than dreams, directives, and deadlines. They require active, thoughtful communications, close attention to responsibilities, and careful management of relationships with everyone who will be affected. Our team of Project Management Professionals actively guide projects to success by building structure, accurate scheduling, and accountability. More than just providing advice on how to complete projects, we also execute.

When You Might Need Project Management

  • Your team members can’t complete tasks needed to move your project forward, because they’re too busy or too distracted by other projects.
  • Your projects get held up because others don’t understand what you need from them, or won’t provide the inputs you need to move forward.
  • You have to regularly re-explain the purpose or scope of your project to stakeholders, because people misunderstand or miscommunicate what you’re accomplishing.


To learn more about how an MPS project manager can make your next project a success, contact:

Mary Flannery