Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

As leaders and visionaries, nonprofit managers often have many ideas regarding the direction they might take their organization, but lack a clear definition on how to match those ideas with organizational assets and the needs of those they serve. Strategic planning for nonprofits is vital in ensuring that an organization’s mission, vision, values, and resources are in alignment to maximize benefit and avoid the perils of mission drift.

MPS is dedicated to ensuring your success by helping you develop actionable plans around shared goals. Our strategic planning for nonprofit facilitation will help you to direct your strategy, and identify how to maximize the benefits of your initiatives. This process will enable your organization to quickly take actions on initiatives that align with your shared values, goals, and capabilities to ensure long-term success.

When You Might Need Strategic Planning

  • Do I lack clear direction in turning my vision into reality?
  • Is most or all of the work that our organization does ad hoc or reactionary?
  • Is there confusion among my employees about our organization’s goals?
  • Am I happy with the direction my organization is headed?
  • Do I have more opportunities available to me than resources?


To learn more about how MPS can help you develop an effective strategic plan, contact:

Mary Flannery