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  • The viability of the services you offer your membership is related to your organization’s ability to identify market potential, the value of your services, and your ability to adapt. Moving beyond intuition and inertia, executives can choose to discover underlying member utility that allows for the best use of resources (budget, staff effort, time) to achieve both healthy revenue and mission value. This diagnostic helps you understand your organization’s effectiveness in gathering relevant information from your market and potential market and using that for decision-making. Upon completion, you will get a score indicating your current strengths (and areas of potential development) in Market Research Analysis, Portfolio Analysis and Pricing Sensitivity.

  • For each of the questions, please indicate how often and effectively your organization performs the activity on a relative scale:

    • “we do not do this at all” (Score of 0)
    • “we do this only rarely or ineffectively” (Score of 1)
    • “we do it occasionally and it has minimal impact on decisions” (Score of 2)
    • “we do this regularly and its helpful” (Score of 3)
    • “we do this repeatedly and it is beneficial” (Score of 4)
    • “we do this often and have perfected it to improve service.” (Score of 5)
  • (We will use it only to contact you about your results)