The Status Quo: We don’t get full value out of IT

  • Federal CIO organizations start over 50% of IT projects with known risk of delivery failure. That’s their tragedy.
  • Federal Lines of Business don’t get full value out of the other 50%. That’s theirs.

While the road to sub-value IT may be wide (lack of persistent business integration, failure to reinvent workflows, failure to support full use, adoption and uptake of new systems), the bullet train to failure is the lack of IT’s contribution to mission success. As reported in NextGov.com in 2019, 54% of IT projects are identified by CIOs at the planning stage as at high or medium risk of even being delivered. And in 2020 Boston Consulting Group noted that only 30% of technology transformations deliver the value that was demanded by the business. So, with 84% of Federal IT implementations at risk of not providing sufficient value, agencies miss the opportunity to get the Return-To-Mission (RTM) they expect for the dollars they shell out.

Kendall Lott, President & CEO

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