This model harmonizes decision-making with your organization’s core mission and objectives. By promoting collaboration and consensus among decision-makers, MODM leads to well-informed, transparent decision-making that aligns with strategic goals, builds commitment among your team, and yields effective results. Here’s how:

  • Criteria Establishment: Collaboratively identify and prioritize the core elements of your organization’s mission and strategic objectives.
  • Deconstruct the Mission: Break down the mission into manageable layers, mapping out key activities and functions that contribute to overall success.
  • Decision Analysis: Analyze how specific decisions impact each functional area and contribute to mission fulfillment.
  • Implementation Guidance: Assign relative importance to each mission element and decision factor, creating a structured model for prioritization. Provide guidelines for implementing prioritized decisions.
  • Review and Refinement: Use the weighted framework to sequence decisions, ensuring that the most critical conversations happen first and drive focused action. Regularly review and refine decision models and criteria.

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