Strategic Planning: Turning Vision Into Reality

by J Kendall Lott Performing strategic planning is not the same thing as planning strategically. This is never clearer to me than in multi-day offsite brainstorming sessions with senior management teams. You’ve got all the tools for successful planning—a highly recommended consultant with a slew of best practice models, easels with big sticky pads, Post-It notes and colored markers, fruit and bagels, even Jenga for break time…what... +

From Outputs to Outcomes: Measuring the Value of Public Sector IT Investments

by J Kendall Lott Federal government agencies make significant IT investments to modernize and increase capabilities, but too often they are left frustrated—”You built what I asked for, but not what I need”—when end users avoid using the new system or software. In addition, government agencies have a responsibility—and added pressure— to ensure that their investments provide an intangible benefit to society and citizens. But... +


LETTER FROM LEADERSHIP: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IN 2021 Serve. Change. Empower. It’s a progressive statement, starting with the expected (to serve) but immediately advancing to the goal (to change, to empower). This is the motto of M Powered Strategies, it represents the work we do but also how we function as a group of creative, dynamic and, yes, service-oriented consultants. The traits required to inspire change and to empower others are... +

Realizing Value from IT Investments Through Persistent Business Integration

by J. Kendall Lott If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it make a sound? Or did it even fall? These are the questions that federal agencies too often face when internal IT departments or IT consultants deliver a system…but no one uses it. IT Maturity in Methodologies: The Agile Revolution IT has long strived for better alignment with business needs and drivers to provide and support systems and software. IT... +

MPS Develops PMP Bootcamp

By Maggie Harney Project management is a capability of M Powered Strategies (MPS) where many of our consultants possess expertise that they apply in the federal consulting and IT spaces. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification involves intensive studying and preparation for a four-hour-long exam containing 180 questions. The Project Management Institute notes, “PMP certification validates... +

“Audit Ready”: The Benefits of Internal Audit

Read or download MPS Consultant Amanda Higley’s full white paper, “The Benefits of Incorporating Internal Auditing Consultants into Information Technology and Cybersecurity,” below. Audit-and-Compliance-White-Paper-Final-Draft-1.11.2022Download +