ORD MM/Cohort HWS Plan Capture

ORD Step 2, capture their corrective plan based on ORD results
  • To complete the home workshop exercise, answer each of the following questions:
  • You must use the same email address that you used to complete the ORD.
  • In only one sentence identify and describe a current project or operation for which you are expected to have complete in the next 6-12 month.
  • Barriers & Capability to Success

    Identify the barriers to the success of the project/operation that you anticipate occurring, for which you have influence, then declare your “strong self”: what capability do you have that will allow you to make any progress in reducing or removing the barrier? “I am one (noun) who (verbs).”

  • ORD Analysis

    Look at your ORD results and identify two of the strongest (higher value) measures in the Decision-Making and Adoption elements.

  • Planned Action

    Define 3 actions you can take based on your “strong self” (your personal efficacy) that could contribute to changing one of the weak elements of your organization’s resilience.