A Simple, Pre-Approved Way for U.S. Forest Service Supervisors to Succeed Faster

MPS provides services to meet the specific needs of the Forest Service through an easy-to-use and pre-approved Blanket Purchase Agreement available to any region within the Forest Service.

  • Fast way to ramp up or problem-solve
  • Expert support for facilitation, leadership education, behavior change coaching, and much more

Empower Your Forest Leadership Team

MPS works with leadership teams that want to work more cohesively toward their common, Forest-wide goals. Through workshops and coaching, we empower your Forest Leadership Team to make the most of your talent, workforce, and budget, to maximize output in the limited time you have to solve problems and make decisions.

Strengthen the Direction of Your Forest Leadership Team

MPS takes teams from groups that simply meet, to those that are organized to plan and deliver outcomes with a common purpose and that operate in an environment of trust. MPS helps your FLT define vision, strategy, and planning, designing team collaboration to reach higher levels of cohesion and effectiveness.

Raise Your Markers to Direct Success

Forest Supervisors balance priorities out of the Washington Office and regional offices while identifying and planning for local priorities. Align to priorities and respond effectively, following your markers from Mission and Strategy to Execution.

Facilitation, Leadership Education, & Executive Coaching for

USDA Forest Service

(MAS BPA 12318721A0012)

Available for any region within U.S. Forest Service through August 12, 2026.

To Get Started

Contact Kendall Lott to share your challenges and clarify your needs.

To Order

Have your COR coordinate with the BPA COR or your Zone CSA.

Download the BPA Fact Sheet

Forest Leadership Teams Progression

MPS Experience with U.S. Forest Service

MPS has experience with Forest Service management styles, processes, roles, and terms. With energetic, facilitated workshops, team facilitation, and executive coaching in organizational design, MPS can help you arrive at the right solutions for the Forest you manage. Past engagements include:

  • Shasta-Trinity National Forest FLT: Teambuilding and strategic planning
  • Rangeland Program Visioning: National Program event team facilitation, leadership facilitation for multi-year vision and planning
  • Deschutes National Forest FLT: Facilitation and design for a Mission Integrated Decision Model to support filling staff vacancies
  • Arthur Carhart Wilderness Training Center: Organizational climate assessment, Strengths Coaching, DiSC assessments, organizational resilience diagnostic, director attributes profile, management workstyle coaching
  • Washington Office Business Operations Budget Team: Branding, interpersonal communications, trust building, DiSC assessments, Strengths Coaching
  • National Leadership Council: Facilitation consulting for the FS Chief of Staff to enhance guiding discussions and agreements
  • R5 Communications Officers Strategic Planning: Multi-year strategic plan for communications teams across the region

Take advantage of the services provided through the Forest Service BPA by August 12, 2026. Contact Kendall Lott to learn how the contract vehicle can best suit your needs.

Download the BPA Fact Sheet to share with your Contracting Officer Representative.