M Powered strategies reached out to over 13,000 nonprofit executives to conduct an anonymous survey of where they perceive pain in attempting to fulfill their mission.

» You can download the executive summary of the survey for free (PDF, 6 pages) to see how your organization compares to what other organizations have reported.

Results of the survey showed that most nonprofit leaders conduct outside research, either through member surveys or collaboration with partners. When they use the results of this research to guide decisions, they consistently report better staff engagement and better service to stakeholders.

However, when research is not used to guide decision-making, or when research is faulty, service to stakeholders is consistently low, along with leaders’ satisfaction in the outcomes of their decisions.

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MPS has studied the nonprofit market and learned that there are real causes for inefficiency and pain for decision-makers. These are often unobserved or under-analyzed.

The result is that associations do not get the most of out of the effort they put into projects. You can accomplish more and MPS can help you.

Return to Mission

With a focus on your market, the services you offer, and what your organization can do, an executive can choose to improve their Marginal Return to Mission. How well can you know that the next dollar you spend are on programs valuable to your mission, or are spent on programs that aren’t delivering value?

Diagnostics that Work

We can help. If you perceive that your organization is not performing well, not adapting to change well, or would simply like to learn more, MPS can provide:

  • The Organizational Resilience Diagnostic : quickly identifies the strength of key elements of your organization (as perceived by the staff and management) that allow the organization to make the changes needed to execute new strategies and organizational changes.
  • The Service Viability Diagnostic is a way to quickly identify the how well your organization makes the most value of the services you offer to help your mission.
  • Member Needs Analysis (MNA): We identify the underlying utility — the practical needs — of current and potential members for the services offered by the association.

These diagnostics take less than 5 minutes to complete, and will provide you with a profile of where your strengths and weaknesses are. This information will give you the information you need to continue to be a better leader. If you choose, an MPS consultant can also contact you for a more detailed discussion about your results.

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