PM Point of View® Podcast Series

2021 Update: How to Claim Your PDUs

Starting in January 2021, many of you reached out to us, wondering why you weren’t able to claim a PDU for listening to PM Point of View® episodes. The short answer: You CAN continue to claim PDUs. But the process has changed. Listen to Kendall’s explanation or read below. And if you have any problems, contact us via our website: Thank you for listening. (And for keeping it in scope and getting it done!) 

UPDATE: Due to changes at PMI’s CCR System, for those claiming PDUs at

  • be sure to choose the fourth option, “Online or Digital Media,” in the Report PDUs page.
  • MANUALLY ENTER provider code# 4634 and select “M Powered Strategies,”  
  • MANUALLY ENTER the name of the episode in the course field
  • Enter the date that you listened to the podcast
  • Be sure to select the appropriate option, Leadership/Strategic/Technical in the Talent Triangle at the bottom of the page
  • Check the box to confirm the validity of your submission
  • Hit “Submit.” 

This will work for all published one-hour episodes.