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Project Management Point of View is a podcast series that offers brief and insightful conversations with PM practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Host Kendall Lott draws on his experience as a PM, as CEO of M Powered Strategies, and as former CEO of PMIWDC, to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. Our guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.

4747. PMBOK® Guide – 6th Edition: QualityWhat does the PMBOK® Guide -...02/26/2018View Podcast
46#46: Change ManagementBeing creatures of habit,...02/13/2018View Podcast
45#45: PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition: The Agile EffectThis is the second in a...12/20/2017View Podcast
44PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition: Scope & ScheduleThis is the first in a series...11/28/2017View Podcast
43PM Point of View #43: WinnersWinners PMI Award Winners...10/30/2017View Podcast
42Project Management in International Development Looking for a challenge?...09/20/2017View Podcast
41Looking Ahead This is a compilation of...07/24/2017View Podcast
40Influencers Part IV – Quality Quality is difficult to...05/26/2017View Podcast
39Influencers Part V – Teamwork Project Management is a...06/26/2017View Podcast
38Systems Engineering Our PM methods face...04/20/2017View Podcast
37PM Point of View #37: Influencers Part III – Construction “Projects are the...03/20/2017View Podcast
36Influencers in PM: Risk  Risk is an...02/17/2017View Podcast
35Cultural Resources Management Saving Priceless History!...01/26/2017View Podcast
34High Impact Community LeadersLeaders ask the hard...11/30/2016View Podcast
33SecuritySecurity issues are...10/24/2016View Podcast
32PM in Outer SpaceYou’ve seen the movies:...09/19/2016View Podcast
31Advances in Project Management Part 3: The Organization Leans InProjects exist within the...08/22/2016View Podcast
30PM in the Federal Government: Navigating ComplexityPM, it’s everywhere, and...07/26/2016View Podcast
29Influencers – Part 1: New PerspectivesPMs are often the product of...06/07/2016View Podcast
28Spies Like Them: Project Management in IntelligenceUS intelligence operations...05/12/2016View Podcast
27Advances in PM Part II: Beyond the PMBOK® GuideIn Advances in Project...04/04/2016View Podcast
26Military Transition – Joining the Ranks of Project ManagementFrom POG to PM (yes, you have...03/03/2016View Podcast
25Advances in PM Part I: ValueHeads down on getting things...02/03/2016View Podcast
24ProofNazis in Austria, Moral...01/08/2016View Podcast
23Project Failure!We asked for examples of...11/23/2015View Podcast
22ConnectionsListen to our three experts...10/26/2015View Podcast
21America Counts: The US CensusFeaturing Lisa Blumerman, the...10/05/2015View Podcast
20Hot Topics from the PMI Silver Spring SymposiumWe present a snapshot of some...09/18/2015View Podcast
19Project KidsHelping kids be safe, getting...07/27/2015View Podcast
18PM in All the Right PlacesGet a free PDU by listening...07/06/2015View Podcast
17The Campaign Trail: Project Management on the Run“The Campaign Trail:...06/08/2015View Podcast
16Innovation: When 100% is not the Goal“Innovation: When 100% is...04/27/2015View Podcast
15From Vine to Wine: The Vintner’s Tale“From Vine to Wine: The...03/27/2015View Podcast
14The Practical Art of Networking“The Practical Art of...02/27/2015View Podcast
13The Creative Process: Music and Project Management“The Creative Process:...02/04/2015View Podcast
122014 Points of View“2014 Points of...12/30/2014View Podcast
112 Houses Come Together: ASQ and PMI“2 Houses Come Together:...12/01/2014View Podcast
10Culture and Scope at an Exhibition: The Newseum“Culture and Scope at an...10/20/2014View Podcast
9Corporate Sustainability: Beyond Profitability, Moving To Prosperity“Corporate Sustainability:...09/22/2014View Podcast
8Managing Stakeholders and Making Dreams Come True“Managing Stakeholders and...09/08/2014View Podcast
7Agile: Making It Happen for Uncle SamA discussion with Jim York...08/14/2014View Podcast
6Project Management: the Global AdvantageJordon Sims, Director of...07/28/2014View Podcast
5The Transformative Value of Project Management for Non-Profit OrganizationsMax Skolnik, DC Director for...07/07/2014View Podcast
4The Show Must Go On!A discussion with Deborah...06/25/2014View Podcast
3Pragmatism from the Ivory TowerThe dramatic increase in...05/28/2014View Podcast
2Keep It Simple and CommunicateProject Managers want to know...04/22/2014View Podcast
1Experience MattersPMs know how to deliver with...05/02/2014View Podcast