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69. Neuroscience in Project Management

Project management is a system designed by humans for humans. Over the course of a prescribed length of time, teams of humans work together to create a process or a product. The closer the process hones to a human operating system (taking into the account variations in wiring of each individual), the more efficient it will be. In this episode of PM Point of View®, three experts in the areas of neuroscience and project management examine the tools and processes of project management through a neuroscientific lens.

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About the Speakers

Josh Ramirez is Founder and President of Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management. He is a PhD candidate building an organization ( that is working on redesigning project management with behavioral, social, cognitive, and neuroscience, toward an emerging field of Behavioral Project Management. He is an adjunct professor of project management, with experience that includes business operations management, project management, and project controls, including work at several national laboratories and other projects throughout the U.S. Department of Energy complex, as well as private sector project work.

Jodi Wilson, Founder and CEO of Business Psychology Solutions, LLC, strategically improves adaptive work performance and employee engagement through consulting, training, and coaching in operations and project-based organizations. She provides  consulting in leadership, motivation, change management, organizational citizen behavior, counterproductive work behaviors, work satisfaction, organizational culture, employee engagement, effective communication, employee retention, behavioral economics, strength-based approaches, emotional intelligence and decision making.

Carole Osterweil is a troubleshooter, coach and author of Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience – A Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog.  She works with executives and project delivery teams who want higher productivity and better outcomes with less stress.   Carole runs Visible Dynamics, a boutique consulting and coaching practice.   Her current projects include work with Cranfield University and PA Consulting to increase the UK Government’s senior project and program management capability – so she knows first-hand what leading projects in the midst of turmoil is all about.