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78. Project Perspective: The Bigger Picture

How can you manage a groundbreaking innovation project when you are surrounded by auditors and compliance- and risk-managers? And how can you ensure that what you deliver will truly benefit the organization and its stakeholders?  Two presentations from University of Maryland’s 2020 Project Management Symposium describe the pitfalls and offer solutions to both these questions.

Richard Wyatt of TIAA talks about “The Project Management of Innovation,” and Shane Perkins of Aurelius Group in Australia covers “Project Tricksters and Frauds: Why Benefits Realization Practices Matter.” Host, Kendall Lott, conducts in-depth follow-up interviews with both presenters.

To check out  the complete presentations at UMD’s 2020 Project Management symposium, go to

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About the Speakers:

Shane Perkins is a disrupter and thought leader, making a dramatic impact in the world of benefits realization. With over a decade devoted to the application and development of benefits practices, his contemporary approach has now been successfully deployed to hundreds of projects valued at some $3 billion of investment capital.

Having previously headed the portfolio and program practice for a leading listed company, extensive big four consulting experience, and successfully leading programs and projects into Australia’s major businesses and across government, Shane challenges conventional thinking. 

Richard Wyatt is the Director of Strategic Programs at TIAA, a leading Financial Services provider. He has worked across the globe in UK, US, Australia and Indonesia delivering projects of growing size and complexity. He currently manages projects with budgets in excess of $100m. During his career he has observed project managers struggle, as the size of their projects has increased. Richard has researched and articulated the skills set required to be successful.