PM Point of View® Podcast Series

Getting Out of Our Own Way

The crux of any success? It isn’t the plan, it isn’t the desire, not even the WIIFM, its EXECUTION. And organizational change is no different. Today’s episode discusses the difficulties that organizations face when it comes to executing change. Once again guest and change management author and guru April Mills comes to us on the topic of change…but this time it isn’t how to do it, but how she has seen managers institutionally throw up their own barriers to change even as they try to change…starting with outsourcing on the thinking to…professionals. It may be that we are so good at PM and Change techniques that we have once again lost the bubble…the point is to execute and create value. Recognizing and moving past the “aspiration ability gap,” jumping through the hoops of just ticking boxes, we have to focus on execution and look for opportunities for acceleration. Managers are called to amplify positive responses to create belief ripples that lead to success.

Organizations can get in their own way,
Eager to change but miss the play.
Professionals may think they know the game, but
Focus on outcome, not the timeframe.
Sandbagging is when a project takes too long,
Outsourcing your brain leads to execution gone wrong.
The aspiration ability gap will widen and grow,
Unless leaders look for signals, they miss seeds of value they should sow.