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High Impact Community Leaders

Leaders ask the hard questions, the ones others don’t; and they push to get constructive results.  And they do this will elevating others to be at their best, making not just a difference, but a continuous difference, by coalescing people around a vision.

This motivates others to do what they didn’t even know they could do.” This is some of what you will hear on this episode that talks to the intersection of PMs and leadership.

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About the Speaker

Uma Hiremagalur, PMP

Uma has 15+ years in IT Management and Service Delivery; and over 10+ years in program management. As the Global Program Manager at IBM, she created the Global Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) Program for Applications on Demand. Uma has managed, built and consolidated Data Centers for Catholic Health Initiatives. Led the Storage practice for all of Northern Region at IBM India. Uma managed Sheltering and Family Reunification programs within Disaster Cycle Services at the American Red Cross.

Enjoys technology, innovation, process streamlining change management and total quality management engagements. Uma volunteers for various organizations and is passionate about giving back to the community through diverse programs.

Uma has a Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Computer Information Systems and Bachelors in Finance and Commerce.