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Influencers in PM: Risk


Risk is an organizational problem that reaches into our ability to make sound business decisions. We should think of stakeholders (and activating them to be positive and helpful), remember to check assumptions, and recognize that risks shift as priorities and the external environment do. Beyond the project-level risks, and past even basic quantification of risk and impact, we need PMs to consider the ultimate business value of their projects – and whether the project should even be done. Yep, even for a project, risk is an organizational concern that has a perspective shaped by the very organizational culture. Listen in to this episode and hear influencers Andy Jordon, Beth Spriggs and Bruce Harpham describe their insights and their approaches to handling risks and consulting with others about it.

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About the Speakers

Andy Jordan

Roffensian Consulting Inc

Andy Jordan is President of Roffensian Consulting Inc., an Ontario, Canada based management consulting firm with a strong emphasis on organizational transformation, portfolio management and PMOs. Andy has a track record of success managing business critical projects, programs and portfolios in Europe and North America in industries as diverse as investment banking, software development, call centers, telecommunications and corporate education.

Andy is an in demand speaker and moderator who delivers thought provoking content in an engaging and entertaining style, and is also an instructor in project management related disciplines. He always strives to provide thought provoking presentations that drive his audience to challenge accepted norms while providing actionable content that can be applied in the real world. Andy’s first full length book ‘Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations’ is now available.”

Beth Spriggs

Beth Spriggs, PMP, is an experienced coach, trainer and speaker. Currently she serves as the vice president of technology at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE), a major nonpartisan organization. For more than 16 years, she’s solved unsolvable problems, tamed unruly projects, and pulled off the impossible for organizations by deploying technologies that work for customers while positioning clients for what’s coming next.

Her extensive portfolio consists of everything from bite-sized undertakings to years-long overhauls that impact every aspect of the organization, but her focus has always been technology project management. Some of Beth’s contributions include delivering webinars for and NTEN, speaking at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference and DC Web Women’s Conference; and attending PMI’s Global Congress NA 2015 as an Expert. Beth was’s member of the month August 2015.

Bruce Harpham

Bruce Harpham is the author of the forthcoming book “Project Managers At Work,” (Apress) which showcases the career paths and lessons learned from project professionals from NASA, Google, Apple and other leading organizations. Bruce Harpham is also a columnist with and runs the blog. Bruce lives in Toronto, Canada.