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Project Management in International Development

Looking for a challenge? Try managing a project whose stakeholders represent a cross section of cultures, languages, and even governments; where funding can come from multiple sources, often many steps removed, physically and culturally, from the beneficiaries; and where the results can’t be measured in any meaningful way until months or years after project completion. Welcome to the world of International Development. In this episode we hear from three experts who have been in the field (literally) for decades – in Brazil, Turkey, and Zambia – to learn about what it takes to bring these types of projects into being, and then shepherd them to completion.

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About the Speakers

Amy Davis

Catholic Relief Services
Project Director

Amy is a microfinance specialist with over 25 years of international experience. She is currently the Project Director for the Expanding Financial Inclusion Africa contract managed by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and funded by The MasterCard Foundation, operating in four countries—Burkina Faso, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia—designed to serve 500,000 SILC members over 4 years. Prior to returning to CRS, Amy was the COP managing the highly successful USAID Rwanda Integrated Improved Livelihoods Program – “Ejo Heza”, a complex integrated rural livelihoods program funded by USAID Feed the Future which reached 175,000 Rwandans with effectively phased integrated services focused on nutrition, agricultural production and microfinance. The majority of her work has been in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on East and West Africa, including 20 years in microfinance, including savings-led approaches, microfinance institution management, new product development, financial education and consumer protection. Amy has managed start-up operations for leading global microfinance networks, such as FINCA International and Catholic Relief Services and provided strategic planning, program management, technical assistance and fund-raising support for emerging microfinance institutions. As a consultant, she targeted strategic issues for microfinance institutions while providing key advice to NGO networks and multi-lateral institutions, such as The SEEP Network, Catholic Relief Services, FINCA International, Habitat for Humanity International, the UNDP and The World Bank. She also facilitated the SEEP Social Performance Working Group and Practitioner Learning Program. Amy is a founding member and former President of the Board of Directors of Women Advancing Microfinance (WAM) International. Amy has lived and worked in Senegal (where she was a Peace Corps Volunteer), El Salvador, Uganda, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and now residing in Zambia.

Peter Pfeiffer

PMI Ethics Member Advisory Group

Mr. Pfeiffer holds a PhD degree in Sociology of Development and has been into Project Management for over thirty years as a manager, lecturer, trainer and process facilitator, mainly in the field of International Development in Latin-America, Africa and Asia. He worked as a consultant with World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP, European Commission, German Cooperation for International Development (GIZ), German Development Bank (KfW), and others, as well as national development institutions, foundations and Corporate Social Responsibility projects. His practice areas are International Development, Organizational Development, Project and Program Management and process facilitation. He has several publications including books, chapters and articles on project management and organizational development. Mr. Pfeiffer is co-founder of the Project Management Institute Rio de Janeiro Chapter, and certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP®) since 1999. He currently serves as a volunteer in the PMI Ethics Member Advisory Group.

Haluk ÜÇEM

Fichtner GmBH

Haluk ÜÇEM was born in Turkey in 1968 and graduated from the university in February 1990. Since than after some working experienc e in Design and Construction business on site for internationally funded contracts by WB, KfW, EU, EBRD, EIB he began his career on Contract Management. Mr. ÜÇEM worked for Central Finnace and Contracts Unit of Turkey between 2003 and 2008 for 5 years for the contract management of contracts funded by EU. Afterwards he has been working for Fichtner GmBH of Germany who is giving consultancy services for the infrastructure such as wastewater treatment and waste treatment for the international donors. Mr.ÜÇEM is in charge of tender preparation, contracting as well as the Contract Management of the Contracted projects.

He has deep knowledge in EU’s Practical Guide (PRAG) which is used for tendering of EU funded works as well as FIDIC Contract Conditions whcich is widely used in IF contracts.