From Amanda Higley’s Maryland Getaway

Hi everyone, welcome to my office!  This is a different set-up from my client’s space in DC, with more room to support my various tasks. (This is my meeting set-up; I also have a “writing chair,” not pictured.)  My commute is a lot shorter – a short 30 second walk, who can beat that??  Beyond the walls of my workstation, I have an awesome and supportive husband who is somehow able to work around our 3-year old daughter, who actually tolerates my 8-hour daily sequestrations without meltdowns.

Most of the day, I hang out here conducting client meetings, writing deliverables and assisting my colleagues via knowledge-sharing methods. I use virtual meetings to conduct day-to-day business, as opposed to seeing my colleagues and clients in the office every day.  I’m getting so much more done, as my current set-up has made me more focused.  Do I miss everyone in the office?  Absolutely.  And of course, there are days that are harder than others, when I have to sit back and remind myself to be more patient with the situation and with myself.  These are frustrating times and, while there are things I cannot control, I am thankful to be able to be a part of an organization that is supportive and focused on meeting our clients’ goals.