Serve. Change. Empower. It’s a progressive statement, starting with the expected (to serve) but immediately advancing to the goal (to change, to empower). This is the motto of M Powered Strategies, it represents the work we do but also how we function as a group of creative, dynamic and, yes, service-oriented consultants. The traits required to inspire change and to empower others are the result of energy that doesn’t cease at the end of a paid project, often it’s driven by the desire to make a difference, and that is why MPS has continued to have such a successful Community Engagement Program throughout the years.

As a small company, we hire for culture as much as we hire for skills, and those attracted to M Powered Strategies often join our team because they want to use their skills to enact meaningful change. It’s presented from Orientation onward that our consultants have the option to exercise their expertise in the Community Engagement space, but more importantly, they are empowered to select and drive initiatives that are personal to their interests. At MPS we recognize there’s power in joining an organization that aims to celebrate the unique strengths of their employees, and there’s opportunity in encouraging teamwork that can align to programs that are personally meaningful to our workforce. To put it simply, if an MPS-er wants to provide Pro Bono consulting to a nonprofit of their choice, they have the full bench of MPS resources at their disposal. We find there is no better way to serve, change and empower our staff than this.

2021 was a year like no other, in part because it felt like an extension of the tumultuous and unprecedented year before. We are proud to provide a robust Community Engagement Program that offers avenues of participation at every level, and to continue to inspire new and tenured employees who are committed to their Communities. We look forward to highlighting their successes in the following report.

Yours in Service,

Ivie Eribo, Community Engagement Manager

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