Realizing Value from IT Investments Through Persistent Business Integration

by J. Kendall Lott

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it make a sound? Or did it even fall? These are the questions that federal agencies too often face when internal IT departments or IT consultants deliver a system…but no one uses it.

IT Maturity in Methodologies: The Agile Revolution

IT has long strived for better alignment with business needs and drivers to provide and support systems and software. IT modernization, cloud-based services, and Agile methodologies have significantly improved technology capacity, capabilities, and delivery. Mature IT departments have the foundation in place for successful implementations: product ownership inside the scrum teams, fast cycles, user-centric design, business engagement throughout the life cycle of the project. Yet too often the business is left wondering why no one is using an implemented system.

Closing the Gap With Persistent Business Integration

Value can be realized only when the business adopts the new IT capability. Closing the gap between IT delivery and business needs requires a change in mindset and resourcing, both from the business. Business leaders and their staff must perform differently and persistently to become effectively engaged throughout the product or project life cycle.

Agile for Business: Enabling the Business-Centric Perspective

Instead of nine technologists to one typically overworked and overwhelmed business representative, the business must mature its role and provide a scrum team of subject matter experts working in alignment with IT. Like two cogwheels operating in juxtaposition to form an efficient gear mechanism, IT and the business will have two fully resourced, dedicated teams working side-by-side through the project life cycle. This goes beyond business process reengineering to a true re-envisioning of Agile methodology for persistent business integration.

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