An Update from the West Coast Office of Julianna Driskel

One of the benefits of working for M Powered Strategies is that we encourage an adaptable culture. Working remotely is business as usual for me, but “Shelter in Place” means my home office now includes an extra coworker or three. It can be difficult to find a quiet spot to conduct a meeting or interview, which is when my Honda Fit* comes in handy. And even though most of the time my “car calls” keep me rooted to my parking space, I wouldn’t be a true Californian without taking advantage of the incredible scenery* we have out West. As long as there’s cell service, I’ve found I can make a work station just about anywhere! In these unprecedented times, MPS-ers are soldiering on, business as usual, to Serve. Change. Empower.

We continue to deliver on our contracts, and continue to grow. In fact, we are excited to bring on two new staff consultants  this month. Visit our website to learn more about current opportunities at MPS.

* Post not sponsored by Honda nor the California Tourism Board