Another MPS Consultant Certified in Change Management

Congratulations to consultant Katerina Triantos, who is now a certified Change Management Practitioner. Katerina was initially drawn to Change Management due to a fascination with the psychology of organizations, their departments and staff; understanding where they’re coming from – the current state of their work-processes and life – and crafting how to help them get to their future, desired state.

With technology playing an increasingly key role in shaping our culture and our world, it’s vitally important that organizations adapt in response to changing needs and capabilities. Katerina has had her eye on Change Management certification for a while, but it was MPS consultant, Shani Nyandemoh, who received her Prosci certification last year and went on to teach a change management course in our Execution Management Services (EMS) program, who inspired Katerina to finally take the plunge.

“Although I’ve been working in Change Management for a few years now, I really appreciated learning more about how to build and align roles and responsibilities at different levels of the organization to improve change outcomes and adoption rates.” By devising strategies to maximize replicability across initiatives and increase measurability of adoptions, Katerina is now able to advise her clients at a higher level.