Consultant Jermon Williams Takes Control

In the midst of a year unlike any that’s come before, I chose early on to embrace our new normal with an open mind. This slight shift in mindset helped make my first five months with MPS a resounding success. From the virtual onboarding sessions and weekly meetings, to the Teams happy hours, the decision I made to invest my energy in the things I could control – basically turning lemons into lemonade – shaped my virtual experience for the better.  I’ve managed to cultivate strong relationships with colleagues and clients, increase productivity on client deliverables, and build out my ideal workspace, all from the comfort of my home.

Here’s some advice for anyone who may be struggling to adjust: 

  • Prioritize your health: I wake up between 5 and 6 a.m. every day. During this time, I exercise and read. I also block off time for daily walks. 
  • Reimagine normal: This means focusing on what you can control. Nobody knows when the world will return to normal, so rather than worrying about a situation that’s out of your control, harness the power of the present moment. For me, this started with curating my ideal office/work space.