EMS (Execution Management Service) Takes MPS Consultants to the Next Level

Business Process Improvement. Business Development and Capture Management. Customer Service. PMO Effectiveness. ACCLAIM Model. These are just some of the courses we are offering to MPS consultants as part of our new Execution Management Service (EMS) program. Geared to honing the hard and soft skills of MPS consultants, the EMS curriculum of MPS core competencies builds workforce readiness and resilience by enhancing our consultants’ professional skills, and advancing their career trajectories, all while developing the human capital central to MPS’ mission and values.

EMS consists of a series of after-hours classes, taught by highly qualified and respected professionals, as well as CliftonStrengths assessment and one-on-one coaching with MPS President and CEO, Kendall Lott.  A Gallup® certified Strengths Coach, Kendall feels strongly that beyond a solid grasp of the analytical tools and MPS processes, a top-notch consultant needs to tap into their personal strengths. “They need to know where they are most effective and then, by harnessing those innate strengths, understand how they can become even more effective. EMS has given me a chance to spend time with our team and find out more about their professional aspirations. This way we can all optimize their time at MPS.”

The classes run approximately two hours, and involve two to five hours of coursework, which is integrated into regular client delivery. According to EMS Coordinator, Leila Dawson, “The program has been great so far. The participants learn not only from the trainers, but also from colleagues in their cohort. Certain synergies have been uncovered within the firm, through class discussions. I’m excited to see how the program will grow and evolve. We have so many more incredible trainings in store!”

Consultant Wally Martin is enthusiastic about the Business Process tools he now has under his belt. “…[they] will…allow my team…to provide a better, more efficient quality of service to our clients.” Ben Eden appreciates the convergence of fellow consultants. “Collaborating with colleagues who are on different projects is always refreshing. Though our roles with clients vary, it is a valuable opportunity to share and learn from one another.”

So virtual can actually bring us together; these remote gatherings are providing a good venue for MPS consultants to gather and exchange ideas. Plus, as Kendall pointed out, “Virtual allows us to be more efficient with time, so we can deliver more training more efficiently.” Whether virtually or live, at MPS we go the extra mile to develop our professional team and provide top-notch services to our clients.  EMS is just another way we continue to cultivate a team of highly capable and trusted consultants.