From Katerina Triantos’ Kitchen Office

Greetings from beautiful Rockville, MD! As we kick off Week 16 of WFH, I continue to provide consulting to our federal clients, with a focus on digital transformation and change management, while ramping up support for their transition to more virtual modern workplaces. Outside of client delivery, I’ve been giving training in Organizational Development, Change Management, and Modern Workplace to the apprentices in our Digital Transformation Experience (DTX) program. Thanks to modern tools, which allow us to have group brainstorming sessions as well as real-time quiz completion and review, the trainings have been going exceptionally smoothly.

As for my personal professional development, I’ve been completing courses on Cloud and Microsoft topics, and delving further into Change Management.

In my spare time, I’ve been educating myself on Black Lives Matter, Systemic Racism, the historical reasoning leading to Police Brutality, and the various options we have moving forward. (I do work within Change Management after all!) Mostly, I’ve been listening, donating, and becoming more involved in my community. After living nearly 8 years abroad, I feel the importance of being in my country and part of my community during these pivotal times.

I think what we’re discovering in 2020 is how resilient we are. How we can continually pick ourselves up, change, and adapt. And how, with the support of our colleagues, friends, families, and communities, real change is possible.