Melissa Farzin Makes Virtual Connections

I started working at MPS amidst the stay-at-home orders, close to the start of this pandemic! I have yet to meet one of my MPS or Teaming colleagues in person, but shockingly I feel very close to all of my coworkers. I love to make connections with people, so I do miss the in-person interaction. “Gratitude” would be one word to sum up starting a job during the pandemic.

Currently, I am participating in the EMS program with a handful of other MPS colleagues. Having recently obtained my MBA degree, I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to jump into another curriculum-based learning experience. Now that we’re about 4 months in, I am really glad I decided to participate. Connecting with my MPS colleagues who work across different clients and contracts has really helped paint a bigger picture of MPS’s corporate footprint. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about the government consulting industry, and useful tools for operating in that environment.

I am also working with MPS colleagues to help a Chicago based nonprofit, CHAI (a musical collective that brings chamber and vocal music to local communities) with market research – helping them better understand their current market, and how to capture new markets in a COVID-19 world.

This past week, I also wrapped up coaching my girls soccer teams (3 to be exact!). Soccer is one of my passions, and I am grateful to be able to coach and play, despite the pandemic.  Reflecting on the pros and cons of the new “normal,” I feel like working from home actually humanizes us. I’ve found that the dog’s squeaky toy in the background of a call, some minor construction noise, or even traffic sounds, are small things that show our real human lives; they are conversation starters that connect us as people.