MPS Assistance Yields Results for Points of Light

In the summer of 2018, Points of Light (POL), a sprawling international nonprofit, linked up with MPS to improve their project management skill-sets, and address conflicting management practices between departments. A framework was needed to enhance POL’s ability to effectively perform its mission of promoting and encouraging volunteer service all over the world.

MPS consultants spent three months conducting interviews with key stakeholders, and working with POL representatives to develop an appropriate Project Management Framework with tools and templates.

Now, six months after delivery, our follow-up in July of this year brought very encouraging results: POL is using the new tools and framework on nine cross-functional projects, specifically on their high-profile partnerships and extra complex projects. They are also incorporating the tools and framework into trainings for current and new staff. The overall consensus is that there is an increased discipline in the running and execution of projects; documents are readily available and stored in the same location. Team members are becoming strong supporters of the new processes, and a clear culture shift has been observed.

The latest survey results say it all. At the end of December 2018, a baseline survey was conducted. In July 2019, the original group was re-surveyed along with individuals who are now using the framework and materials.

Two statements were posited:

I currently work on one cross functional and I am not clear on my role and responsibilities.

–In December 2018, 58% of individuals agreed with the statement.

–In July 2019, 12% agreed.

We do NOT plan and coordinate our projects before we start working on it.

–In December 2018, 80% of individuals agreement with the statement.

–In July 2019, 35% agreed.

Another follow-up survey will be conducted in early 2020, and we are hoping for even more positive responses. The true proof of the framework’s success will come when we can see real results in volunteer outreach. Points of Light does amazing and important work, and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with them.