MPS Assists Points of Light with Service Enterprise Initiative Business Model Development

This past spring, MPS Business Analysts Ashley Rezai and Shannon McGuire worked with Points of Light (POL) to identify areas for improvement in the business model for their Service Enterprise Initiative (SEI). SEI is a national certification program run by POL to help nonprofits effectively manage volunteer resources and create skills-based volunteering opportunities.

In an effort to reduce the time and expense required to complete the program, the MPS team developed a revenue breakdown structure. This enabled them to identify areas in POL’s business model where responsibilities could be streamlined, or transitioned entirely to third-party partners. Additionally, MPS made several recommendations to ensure the sustainability as well as the adaptability of SEI, so that nonprofit organizations of varying levels of availability, budgetary capacity, and organizational size can take advantage of the program.

“The revenue breakdown structure really helped POL reevaluate the importance of certain aspects in their program in order to reorganize for the future with a new leadership and new partnerships,” said Shannon.

Using MPS’s analysis and recommendations, Points of Light created a strategic plan for the Service Enterprise Initiative, which they presented at a conference with all of their Hubs in June.