MPS CEO Goes Back to Middle School

Towards the end of every school year, the eighth-graders at Julius West School Middle School in Rockville, MD, start thinking about their futures. Under the supervision of Krista Fiabane, the International Baccalaureate/Middle Years Programme (IB/MYP) Coordinator, the students write their resumes and have an opportunity to meet with a real-life professional.

In early June M Powered Strategies President & CEO, Kendall Lott, had the pleasure of conducting one-on-one interviews with some of the students to talk about their interests and plans for the future. Not only was he struck by the maturity of the students, but what impressed him most was their grasp of teamwork and collaboration. “They really have a keen sense of their role in the larger group, and how to interact with others.” He also noted that those who were most comfortable in the interview setting were the ones who had done a dry run with their parents the night before. Never underestimate the value of parental involvement!