MPS Community Engagement: Ready to Respond

Disasters come in all forms. Natural disasters, such as a hurricane or earthquake, can strike with little to no warning. Government shutdowns can upend life for federal workers in devastating ways, and a pandemic can grind life as we once knew it to a halt. MPS is ready to assist during trying times.  The Community Engagement (CE) Team at MPS is committed to providing relief services to the full extent of our ability. As a small business, MPS may not have the resources of a multinational corporation when it comes to financial aid, but that does not stop us from providing aid in other ways. Our motto is “Serve. Change. Empower.” and there is no greater opportunity to activate our expertise than in a disaster.

Pro-Bono Projects:

MPS has a thriving pro-bono practice, providing nonprofits with expertise in project management, fundraising, and market research. In a disaster, nonprofits may be under new stresses as they attempt to meet fundraising goals or serve vulnerable populations. MPS Consultants are standing by to help all our nonprofit clients, as well as new ones, in whatever capacity is needed, including disaster and contingency planning and coordination. (For example, MPS Consultants previously worked with a nonprofit to track their resources and deliveries of books and school supplies as the organization responded to multiple natural disasters that coincided with the beginning of the school year.)


Volunteering is an important part of MPS’ corporate culture even during ordinary times. Our consultants volunteer for a wide of spectrum nonprofits all over the country. During disasters, our commitment to volunteering is unwavering, and the MPS CE Team strongly encourages MPS Consultants and staff members to volunteer with organizations that serve affected populations. In the event of a remote disaster, or in a situation where in-person assistance is prohibited, such as a pandemic, the MPS CE Team recommends virtual volunteering opportunities for interested staff members.


MPS sponsors regular corporate donations programs. In times of disaster, the CE Team encourages employees to support disaster-related charities, with MPS matching all employee donations up to $300 per employee annually. Additionally, each month the CE Team nominates four charities assisting affected populations so MPS staff can vote on a charity to receive a $500 donation. Our CE Team has also organized in-kind donations to organizations supporting individuals in need.