MPS Consultants Offer Continuing Support to Friendship Place

In 2018, MPS worked on a series of projects for Friendship Place, a nonprofit dedicated to finding housing and providing other support for people experiencing homelessness in the District of Columbia.

Over the summer, our consultants helped them improve the program metrics of their Family Connect program. More recently, Ben Eden, Lily Seglin and Marci Owens worked on a project to help them cultivate new donors in the community as well as refine their corporate fundraising process.

Finding interested parties that are willing to donate at the needed capacity can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Until now, Friendship Place had no tracking system in place for its corporate donors, so MPS consultants conducted extensive market research. They canvassed over 30 DC businesses to find out what their requirements were for sponsoring or donating to a local nonprofit. With the data they collected, Ben, Lily and Marci presented Friendship Place with a detailed spreadsheet, along with three different solicitation letters that provide a consistent way of reaching out to potential donors.

MPS has signed on to do an additional project to expand Friendship Place’s ability to reach new donors. We look forward to continuing our work with this vital organization.